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Reminder of Jesse’s next hearing…FRIDAY

This is basically a copy and paste of two previous postings about Jesse Nesbitt:

Jessie the Brickthower was accused of throwing bricks at police during a May Day Occupation. He is facing felony charges, of felony assault, assault on a police officer, and vandalism.

He has a history of mental health problems dating at least as far back as the age of 16 when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is also a vet who has PTSD, and has problems with substance abuse.

Jesse the Brickthrowers next court date is 9:00 am, July 20th at Department 20 at 850 Bryant.

Please note that he is facing several felony charges and only one person was present in court on the morning of June 27th, so please show up for the next one. So please be there for the next one. He has been frustrated with the lack of support.

People may also write to him at:

Jesse Nesbitt
PO Box 67
San Bruno, CA 94066

He also can use money for his commissary for basic needs and to write back.

Benefit for Eric. Help him pay for his legal shit.

In February of 2012, a riotous demonstration in Sacramento took place against the Golden State Skinheads and other white power groups that sent two police to the hospital and neo-nazis running for their cars behind riot police. Eric Desouza was one of those arrested.

On Saturday, August 4th at 8pm, gather at the Holdout, an anarchist space in Oakland for a benefit for Eric.

Speaking live will be an Anti-Racist Action organizer present during the Toledo riot and revolt in Ohio in 2005. There, a large black community rose up against the police and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), attacking and looting stores, police and city vehicles, and rioting for hours.

Organizers and militants from Oakland will address the crowd on ongoing campaigns against institutionalized racism such as the fight against foreclosures in the area.

Also speaking will be bay area local legend Dee Allen, acclaimed revolutionary and poet. Dee will speak on fighting the Minutemen and BANA (Nazis posing as anarchists) in the bay area, as well as his experiences as an anarchist being locked away for taking action in the streets.

Free food will be served and all donations go towards helping Eric pay off his legal fees. Please come out and donate!

Cleveland 5 : Doug Wright Begins Hunger Strike (USA) + letter


From cleveland5justice:

On July 11th the support group received a message from Doug stating that he began a hunger strike on Saturday (7.7.12). The transcribed message is below.

The Fascist Pigs here at Trumbull County Jail have thrown me in solitary confinement for some completely bullshit “charges”, including “having 2 or more books”. I never heard that rule, and I’ve asked for an inmate handbook on several occasions. Also, “hoarding Personal Hygiene”. I didn’t know you could have too much soap, too much being more than one bar. WTF??! I have sent a letter telling my lawyer of this and I want people to call him a lot till this injustice is righted! I’ve also let him know that I’m going to refuse my food until this is made right! When I refuse food they will take away phone calls and ability to write letters, someone thats been in here a while told me this before. So, this might be my letter for a while, until this is fixed.

Freedom or Death.
Down with the Fascist Pigs.

Doug Wright


“Prison Room Mail Worker Blues”


Posted On Mon, 07/16/2012 – 15:15

“Prison Mailroom Worker Blues”
[Connor Stevens]

every day of my life (sometimes even Sundays)

“the children can’t wait to hear from you. I’ll be waiting every day for your call”
“we both know you’re innocent – just hold in there, God will straighten this out”
“the bills keep stacking up & I don’t know how much longer I can go on Feeding the kids. Don’t mean to make it worse.”
“hey sweet thing, hopefully you’ll get transferred to somewhere we can get closer at…”
“you fucked up your life for 8 years but that wasn’t enough – now you’re dragging me & the kids into this?!”
“don’t blame me, and don’t expect to receive another letter. Don’t bother calling”
“I wish I could talk to you right now and be with you”
“do you know what time it is?”
“if you are the dreamer, I am what you dream”
“You’re easily one of the best dudes I’ve ever known. And I mean that. I really do.”
“”I hope you know you are not alone. I have heard from people all over the country who know for a fact you are all innocent and were framed by the FBI… Dare to struggle.”
“I only know you by the way you prayed in the Lodge. I know of your desire for a better world… your heart is good…you have suffered the pain from our collective world…choose that love & courage… make room…”
“The sun just slipped behind a cloud & it makes me wonder if you even have a window…”
“There is a crescent moon that’s almost blood red”
“make them fear the beard”
“Every moment of every day we, everyone, are talking, crying, and thinking of you boys.”
“political prisoners in a country that doesn’t recognize political prisoners… and yet that is exactly what you are.”
“letter from a private prison lead to a Green Revolution, From a Man Who Can’t Stop Laughing”
“…the ‘A’ word is evolving…”
“I never got back to you…you were asking for help, asking for a way out. I could have helped you.”
“you are truly my motication for getting out of bed…your strength is carrying me…”
“he understands that the men in the shadows are manipulative & power hungry, without any good intentions”
“I believe we have the ability to transcend. By the Grace of God!”
“he ‘cried like a baby for a long time’”
“(your niece) said to tell you “I love you with all my heart just like grandma does”
“he’s smart enough to know what’s going on in this world & it hurts him deeply”
“I hope you get this ASAP and it makes you laugh that goofy little laugh we all love.”
“writing may turn out to be your thin thread through the labyrinth to freedom”
“as you fell through the stone to the Earth itself, there will be on expansive warmth you will sense”
“last time I ran into you were handing out meals to needy people”
“you made me a card… written in your own blood”
“you seemed so sad…agitated…down…”
“your mind is free, your heart is free, your soul is free…what else matters”
“a billion stars go spinning through the night”
“blazing high above your head”
“But in you in the presence that will be when all the stars are dead”
and we will never meet, you in Solitary confinement,
me, confined to the solitude of the mail room-
but once, in passing, you looked into my eyes… You, shackled…
what did you see? I dare not ask, even if I were free
to. I’ve stopped caring. I know what you say, but
don’t I have to feed my children? Don’t I have to provide for
my house? That those who follow me may be free? …Free?…
So my eyes are cold, they no longer sparkle, that certain twinkle
In the eyes are cold, they no longer sparkle, that certain twinkle
In the eyes of every little girl, and so I haven’t wept in fifteen
Years- in twenty my family has not gone to bed hungry!
The money for their college fund is quickly looking like more than I ever had
They get straight As in grade school and their father hasn’t run out on my
And I only have a few glasses of wine in the evenings
(and even then I don’t come close to tears – sand cannot produce water)
but what more can one expect of me, in the toil of this world?
And who are you to judge me anyway? You’re probably a murderer
Or was found molesting innocent little girls, or some smack dealer
I never made those mistakes, committed those sins, and yet I
still have to work in this miserable job with low pay and no job security,
barely any benefits, because there can only be one used car salesman
between my husband and I, and the schools in Youngstown are closing
as quickly as the prisons are opening, and the prisons are filled
as quickly as they’re opened – and my little girls, and my
little Joseph aren’t growing up like this, in what this town’s
become since the drug dealers took over and the blacks shoot each –
other in the streets like animals, along with the spics (they’re even worse!) –
they should all be locked-up, then maybe there’s be some more decent jobs
for us decent folks and no one will have to cry again…
So maybe I don’t communicate with people on the level, to the depth,
Of all these in-and-out correspondences I read every day, but my
Husband knows where I stand, and our kids will understand
And I remember a certain rabbit saying something his brother taught him…
You can’t go about blaming “the world” for your problems
The auto industry left – so does that mean morality too?
See, ya’ll simply cannot function like the rest of is
Who follow the rules, and do our jobs, and hold back our tears
Until there are no more to hide
And nothing to say
And there won’t be a college
I’ll settle for a grave

Anarchist NATO Prisoners Migs and Sabi Need Support

Lost in all the hype surrounding the NATO 3 and Tinley Park 5, two other anarchist prisoners are languishing in Cook County Jail in need of support. Mark Neiweem (Migs) and Sebastian Senakiewicz (Sabi) are being held on serious charges and exorbitant bail. Both were arrested before the NATO summit on bogus accusations involving explosives. Migs is charged with attempting to purchase pipe bomb ingredients form an informant, while Sabi allegedly plotted to blow up a train bridge.

General conditions in Cook County Jail are abysmal. Stabbings are common occurrences and the food often contains rat feces. Prisoners often do not see the light of day for their entire time there, as they are transferred between buildings through underground tunnels. In addition Migs and Sabi are being singled out for further abuse as political prisoners. Jail administrators are instigating other inmates to attack them. Migs was held naked in solitary for five days on a bogus suicide watch, with 24-hour lighting, freezing temperatures, and a broken toilet.

As if this weren’t enough, Migs is being dogged on the outside by unsubstantiated rumors that he is an informant. An article to this effect was posted on Anarchist News the day after his arrest, only to be taken down the next day. Apparently some Chicago anarchists are unclear about which end of an entrapment sting the snitch is on. Nonetheless, Occupy Chicago continues to support Migs and Sabi and all the Chicago prisoners. They can’t do it all themselves, though.

How you can help: Send letters, zines and money! Migs and Sabi can be reached at the addresses below. Remember to take the staples out of any zines you send, as mail with staples is sometimes rejected on the grounds that they are weapons.

Write them at:
Sebastian Senakiewicz
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Mark Neiweem
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Wire money to their commissary accounts. This is the only way they can buy things like toothpaste and better food.

Account = Inmate name – # Inmate number
To contribute to the Chicago bail fund:

The Political Prosecution of Alex Hundert ends in 13.5 month Prison Sentence

by Zach RuiterMegan Kinch

The Political Prosecution of Alex Hundert ends in 13.5 month Prison Sentence
Alex faced was re-arrested on trumped up bail violations twice.
Alex faced was re-arrested on trumped up bail violations twice.
A drop by environmental justice activists in solidarity with Alex Hundert and other G20 prisoners while he was being held on 'bail violations'
A drop by environmental justice activists in solidarity with Alex Hundert and other G20 prisoners while he was being held on ‘bail violations’
Alex with Flower, a 6 nations land defender who headed to her own courtdate later that day.
Alex with Flower, a 6 nations land defender who headed to her own courtdate later that day.

(Watch this story’s associated Video by Zach Ruiter of the TMC with footage of Alex and supports at the Finch courthouse)

On June 26, 2012 Alex Hundert was sentenced to 13 and a half months in jail.  It was the last court date from the G20 ‘conspiracy’ case, a political case that involved long term undercover cops, 17 (21 at one point) people dragged into one lumped-together court case, unprecedentedly strict bail conditions and finally a reluctant plea bargain. I’m trying to write dispassionately to some extent, like a journalist, but I’m remembering last year on the G20 anniversary Alex and I were working together editing the last issue of The Spoke, the TMC broadsheet founded to cover the G20 protests, and the issue he helped write and edit but couldn’t help distribute as he wasn’t allowed anywhere near the protest due to his bail conditions.  Now his bail is over and he’s serving over a year a jail, mainly, in my opinion, for being an effective organizer who helped bridge the divide between the radical settler left and indigenous struggles, especially at Six Nations and Grassy Narrows.

Alex was arrested on an early morning house-raid in the wee hours of the morning of the Saturday of G20 two years ago. He was eventually released on extremely restrictive bail conditions, and then re-arrested twice.  One of the arrests was after speaking at an indoor academic panel at Ryerson University, which the state decided was ‘a public demonstration’. He was coerced through threats of solitary confinement  into signing extremely restrictive bail conditions including the infamous ‘no media’ interpretation of conditions. He was eventually granted bail and had some the no media restriction eased but remained at risk or re-arrest and sufferent frequent visits from the bail complicance unit.

The 2201 Finch courthouse is colloquially known as the ‘gangs and guns’ courthouse, not by coincidence located near Jane and Finch, a reminder that police repression is not an exceptional event but an everyday experience for many. Alex gave a press conference to reporters, than went through the metal detectors into the courthouse surrounded by a crowd of about 30 supporters, hugging some of them as he went.

Once inside the courthouse Alex bade goodbye again to his friends and family and went through the second metal detector into the special courtroom.  Supporters followed, but almost no one was allowed into the courtroom itself because of fears of disruption- this particular courtroom is set up with a TV in an ‘overflow room’ to make minimal pretense of open court while effectively closing off the ‘justice’ system to a closed circuit system. Myself and another reporter from media co-op were not allowed into the main courtroom, an aggressive court policeman told us that “you’d have to be the frikken Toronto Star to get in here.” A CBC reporter was also denied entrance to the actual courtroom. The anteroom was an emotional scene with friends of Alex and relatives, accused ‘co-conspirators’, some already having finished their jail sentences, some with charges dropped.

Alex’s statement was interrupted many times by the judge, it was like a political debate between a revolutionary theorist and the comment section of a right wing newspaper. The judge refused to accept that the case was political and many times interrupted Alex when he made political points, while making uninformed political points of his own.  At one point the judge compared the G20 protests to the famous Nazi anti-jewish pogram of Kristallnacht, especially offensive given Alex’s long history of anti-fascist organizing.

Alex began his closing arguments “It has been stated through the proceeding by judges and justice of the peace that this case isn’t about politics. What I want to suggest is that that’s ridiculous…This is so obviously political, and every time that a judge says this isn’t political it puts the justice system into disrepute. The best example about how the G20 is treated differently is to look at what happens when people do similar things.  In Vancouver [during the hockey riots] some guy smashed up some windows and a cop car and got one months. They are trying to give Kelly Pflug-Beck 20 months  for what is basically the same thing.”

The judge also claimed that Alex and the other G20 organizers were ineffective activists and that they should have organized something like “The Arab Spring was a social media protest which was a peaceful protest”.

Alex contradicted the judge “People were getting killed live on the CNN [in Egypt], it was a tremendously violent movement- but it had popular support and so it was called a peaceful movement. that’s what we do when we like something we call it peaceful, when we don’t we call them violent… as for the suggestion that I am willing to use violence to achieve political ends- I would suggest that when it comes down to it almost anyone is okay with using violence for political ends. If I refuse to leave court today ballifs will come and drag me away, that is violence and that is coercive. Canada is not some oasis in a messed up world, Canada is a huge part of the problem. The G20 was one of the few times in Toronto that protest looked like protest in the rest of the world.”

Separated from the actual proceedings, supporters cheered Alex’s statements and booed especially egregious statements from the judge, occasionally howling and yelling commentary.  Longtime organizer Tom Keefer commented outside the courthouse: “The judge has no understanding of history or of politics and reveals himself as a bafoon  as soon as he opens his mouth. Arguing that the Arab spring was a non-violent movement when it was started by a man who lit himself on fire, if you ask me that’s pretty fucking violent, obviously it is a violence directed toward his own body to draw attention to it, but literally hundreds of people have been massacred by security forces and to say nothing of however your analysis is of Syria or Libya, it is obviously connected to the Arab Spring and it is most certainly not non-violent. There’s literally hundreds of martyrs that died in Tahrir Square that died for freedom and democratic rights fighting against a US-backed government”

In his ruling at the closing of proceedings the judge called Alex’s actions ‘self centered and arbitrary’ and sentenced him to 13 and a half months in jail, in addition to the time he had already served in jail on and on severe bail restrictions. He also aruged that the State’s ‘rule of law’ is superior to a supposed ‘rule of force’ that he incorrectly thinks anarchists belive in (rather than mutal aid and community), ignoring the monopoly of force granted to the State and the immidiate presence of court officers with guns regulating everything that went on in the courthouse.

The gallery exploded into consternation aimed that judges extremely unfair statement, which, given that Alex was pleading out and spending in order to spare his comrades jail time and possible deportation, is basically the opposite of the truth. As they escorted Alex out of the courtroom, people in the room watching on the T.V. screen pounded on the walls and cheered loudly, hoping that Alex would hear the commotion and know that they sent solidarity with him as he begins his sentence.

Outside the overflow room in the hallway and in the bright sunlight outside Alex’s friends, family and fellow organizers hugged each other, many with tears in their eyes. Supporters included former co-defendents, people from the April 28th movement, and Fran ‘Flower’ Doxtator, a land defender who was heading to her own political court date for defence of Six Nation’s land.

Alex’s call out for court support had made it clear that the his own political persecution is part of a general repression of dissent and called for activists to support Six Nations land defenders and arranged his own court callout to reflect his priorities. He wrote on the conspiretoresist website:

“Since 2006 there has been a particularly insidious wave of criminalization and demonization aimed at Haudenosaunee people who are asserting the sovereignty of the Six Nations Confederacy and defending the land. The tactics used in everyday policing operations against Six Nations, like those with other Indigenous nations, are exactly the type of oppressive state security that the rest of southern Ontario “activist community” got a taste of around the G20.”

Composing themselves, the small crowd dispersed, some heading to Flower’s courtdate in Cayuga, others to the rally for Mohammad Mahjoub held in Canada on security certificate for 12 years and never charged. This continued with the organizing work that Alex was so dedicated to, and would have been doing at that moment were he free and not being procced for incarceration.

Court cases continue in other G20 related trials, with Kelly Pflug-Beck and George Horton’s courtdates later this summer and others continuing into the fall.  Leah Henderson and Many Hiscocks, so called ‘co-conspirators’ are currently being held at the Vanier Centre for Women.  Alex is currently at Toronto West Detention centre and expected to be transferred to another prison shortly.  Check , and for information on how to support political prisoners in Southern Ontario.

URGENT: Comrade injured by blast (Mexico)

Posted on June 28, 2012 by denverabc

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety:

Two explosions in different parts of the south of Mexico City happened in the night hours. The first at 501 Picacho Ajusco, corner of Cartos (Ampliación Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood). An homemade explosive device went off at 11:37 PM Tuesday June 26 in a payment area of the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE). The ceiling, furniture and windows were broken, and an ATM was damaged.

At 12:40 AM today (June 27), at the corner of Vicente Guerrero and Londres in the Carmen neighborhood, the compañero Mario Antonio López Fernández, 27 years old, was wounded when an incendiary device exploded on him. The compa sustained serious burns on his stomach and arms.

According to “official” versions, the devices ignited inside of the backpack in which he was transporting them. Then the subject received first aid then was transferred in an ambulance with police custody to the Rubén Leñero Hospital.

In Mario’s backpack they found another explosive device that was brought to the “Piraña Base” to be deactivated.

We are updating the situation of the compa according to learning of new details.

Always with Mauri!
Always with Tortuga!
Always with the rebels!
Solidarity with Mario López!

see also report at 325

Seattle: 6 arrested during Pride riot

From KOMO, via AnarchistNews:

Six people were arrested early Sunday after a large group of anarchists marched down the middle of several streets, clashed with police and damaged property during a noisy disturbance in the Capitol Hill area on Pride Weekend, police said.

The incident began just after midnight when a crowd began to assemble at the corner of 12th Avenue and Madison Street. The group quickly grew to about 40 people and then broke up about 15 minutes later, with most wandering north on 12th Avenue.

The group reassembled on 13th Avenue and began marching west on East Pine Street, then headed north on 12th Avenue, walking down the middle of the street, then east on Olive Way toward Cal Anderson Park, lighting off fireworks.

The group continued down the middle of Broadway, taking over the street, knocking over road signs and dragging garbage cans out into the street, said Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

At about 12:45 a.m. officers attempted to detain a woman who was in the process of dragging a trash can into the street, but she eluded officers and ran back into the crowd.

The group then continued east on East Pike Street, where they were met by a line of officers at 10th Avenue. The crowd of people stopped and began to dance and bang on drums. Several in the group yelled and screamed at officers while others placed bandanas over their faces.

After several minutes, the group began to move south along 10th Avenue to East Union, then east on Union to 11th, where officers reported seeing more members put bandanas on their faces. The crowd walked around, eventually ending up back at 12th and Madison, Jamieson said.

Shortly after 1 a.m., a police commander ordered the group to get out of the street and back onto the sidewalk. The group then left the street and assembled on the sidewalk.

At that point, a 25-year-old man who was on the sidewalk purposely stepped back into the street and proceeded to walk directly in front of the police commander. The man clicked his heels and stood at attention in front of the commander. The commander informed the man he was under arrest, and as officers took him into custody, the group grew agitated and began shouting verbal abuse and profanities.

Then the scene became chaotic as a man jumped on top of a parked car and begin to stomp and jump up and down on it. Officers ordered the man to get down off the car, but he refused and pepper spray was used.

Several members of the crowd surged forward and a 24-year-old man rushed forward and kicked the commander in the knee, police said. The man was pepper-sprayed and arrested on suspicion of assault.

As officers moved forward to assist in the arrest, a 30-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman who is well-known in the anarchist community immediately grabbed onto the man being arrested and attempted to pull him back into the crowd. Those two were both arrested.

As the disturbance continued, two other women, ages 22 and 29, were arrested for investigation of pedestrian interference and obstructing police.

All six suspects were taken to the East Precinct, where they were treated for the effects of pepper spray and later booked into the King County Jail.

Jesse’s next court date

Jesse the Brickthrowers next court date is July 20th at Department 20 at 850 Bryant.

Please note that he is facing several felony charges and only one person was present in court on the morning of June 27th, so please show up for the next one. So please be there for the next one. He has been frustrated with the lack of support.

People may also write to him at:

Jesse Nesbitt
PO Box 67
San Bruno, CA 94066

He also can use money for his commissary for basic needs and to write back.