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Cleveland 5 : Doug Wright Begins Hunger Strike (USA) + letter


From cleveland5justice:

On July 11th the support group received a message from Doug stating that he began a hunger strike on Saturday (7.7.12). The transcribed message is below.

The Fascist Pigs here at Trumbull County Jail have thrown me in solitary confinement for some completely bullshit “charges”, including “having 2 or more books”. I never heard that rule, and I’ve asked for an inmate handbook on several occasions. Also, “hoarding Personal Hygiene”. I didn’t know you could have too much soap, too much being more than one bar. WTF??! I have sent a letter telling my lawyer of this and I want people to call him a lot till this injustice is righted! I’ve also let him know that I’m going to refuse my food until this is made right! When I refuse food they will take away phone calls and ability to write letters, someone thats been in here a while told me this before. So, this might be my letter for a while, until this is fixed.

Freedom or Death.
Down with the Fascist Pigs.

Doug Wright


“Prison Room Mail Worker Blues”


Posted On Mon, 07/16/2012 – 15:15

“Prison Mailroom Worker Blues”
[Connor Stevens]

every day of my life (sometimes even Sundays)

“the children can’t wait to hear from you. I’ll be waiting every day for your call”
“we both know you’re innocent – just hold in there, God will straighten this out”
“the bills keep stacking up & I don’t know how much longer I can go on Feeding the kids. Don’t mean to make it worse.”
“hey sweet thing, hopefully you’ll get transferred to somewhere we can get closer at…”
“you fucked up your life for 8 years but that wasn’t enough – now you’re dragging me & the kids into this?!”
“don’t blame me, and don’t expect to receive another letter. Don’t bother calling”
“I wish I could talk to you right now and be with you”
“do you know what time it is?”
“if you are the dreamer, I am what you dream”
“You’re easily one of the best dudes I’ve ever known. And I mean that. I really do.”
“”I hope you know you are not alone. I have heard from people all over the country who know for a fact you are all innocent and were framed by the FBI… Dare to struggle.”
“I only know you by the way you prayed in the Lodge. I know of your desire for a better world… your heart is good…you have suffered the pain from our collective world…choose that love & courage… make room…”
“The sun just slipped behind a cloud & it makes me wonder if you even have a window…”
“There is a crescent moon that’s almost blood red”
“make them fear the beard”
“Every moment of every day we, everyone, are talking, crying, and thinking of you boys.”
“political prisoners in a country that doesn’t recognize political prisoners… and yet that is exactly what you are.”
“letter from a private prison lead to a Green Revolution, From a Man Who Can’t Stop Laughing”
“…the ‘A’ word is evolving…”
“I never got back to you…you were asking for help, asking for a way out. I could have helped you.”
“you are truly my motication for getting out of bed…your strength is carrying me…”
“he understands that the men in the shadows are manipulative & power hungry, without any good intentions”
“I believe we have the ability to transcend. By the Grace of God!”
“he ‘cried like a baby for a long time’”
“(your niece) said to tell you “I love you with all my heart just like grandma does”
“he’s smart enough to know what’s going on in this world & it hurts him deeply”
“I hope you get this ASAP and it makes you laugh that goofy little laugh we all love.”
“writing may turn out to be your thin thread through the labyrinth to freedom”
“as you fell through the stone to the Earth itself, there will be on expansive warmth you will sense”
“last time I ran into you were handing out meals to needy people”
“you made me a card… written in your own blood”
“you seemed so sad…agitated…down…”
“your mind is free, your heart is free, your soul is free…what else matters”
“a billion stars go spinning through the night”
“blazing high above your head”
“But in you in the presence that will be when all the stars are dead”
and we will never meet, you in Solitary confinement,
me, confined to the solitude of the mail room-
but once, in passing, you looked into my eyes… You, shackled…
what did you see? I dare not ask, even if I were free
to. I’ve stopped caring. I know what you say, but
don’t I have to feed my children? Don’t I have to provide for
my house? That those who follow me may be free? …Free?…
So my eyes are cold, they no longer sparkle, that certain twinkle
In the eyes are cold, they no longer sparkle, that certain twinkle
In the eyes of every little girl, and so I haven’t wept in fifteen
Years- in twenty my family has not gone to bed hungry!
The money for their college fund is quickly looking like more than I ever had
They get straight As in grade school and their father hasn’t run out on my
And I only have a few glasses of wine in the evenings
(and even then I don’t come close to tears – sand cannot produce water)
but what more can one expect of me, in the toil of this world?
And who are you to judge me anyway? You’re probably a murderer
Or was found molesting innocent little girls, or some smack dealer
I never made those mistakes, committed those sins, and yet I
still have to work in this miserable job with low pay and no job security,
barely any benefits, because there can only be one used car salesman
between my husband and I, and the schools in Youngstown are closing
as quickly as the prisons are opening, and the prisons are filled
as quickly as they’re opened – and my little girls, and my
little Joseph aren’t growing up like this, in what this town’s
become since the drug dealers took over and the blacks shoot each –
other in the streets like animals, along with the spics (they’re even worse!) –
they should all be locked-up, then maybe there’s be some more decent jobs
for us decent folks and no one will have to cry again…
So maybe I don’t communicate with people on the level, to the depth,
Of all these in-and-out correspondences I read every day, but my
Husband knows where I stand, and our kids will understand
And I remember a certain rabbit saying something his brother taught him…
You can’t go about blaming “the world” for your problems
The auto industry left – so does that mean morality too?
See, ya’ll simply cannot function like the rest of is
Who follow the rules, and do our jobs, and hold back our tears
Until there are no more to hide
And nothing to say
And there won’t be a college
I’ll settle for a grave

Interview – Paul Wright – Prison Profiteers

Support Needed For Antifascist Prisoner


Ravender Gill is one of the six UK antifascists imprisoned last year after being fitted-up for ‘conspiracy to cause violent disorder’. While the other five comrades have all been released, either subject to curfew on electronic tag, or in the case of Thomas Blak to deportation, Ravi Gill remains in prison. Ravi is an avid reader, but books sent to him by Haven Distribution, a supplier approved by the Prison Service, are being withheld from him by the Governor of Wayland, Kevin Reilly. Ravi’s complaints about this abuse of power and violation of the Human Rights Act are simply being ignored by this jumped up ‘Little Hitler’. We therefore ask you to send cards, letters, faxes to Mr Reilly asking him to explain himself. You can also phone him. Please take a few minutes to show Ravi Gill that he is not alone.

Kevin Reilly
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL

Tel – 01953 804100
Fax – 01953 804220

Letters of support to Ravi at:

Ravinder Gill
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL

Leeds ABC UK article


25 Ohio Super Max Prisoners Start a Hunger Strike

Monday April 30th. Today at least twenty five prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) began a hunger strike. They are demanding that the Warden meet and negotiate with them for improved conditions in Ohio’s super-max prison. These hunger strikers say they intend to continue to refuse food until their demands are met. Another, larger group of prisoners will show symbolic solidarity with the hunger strikers, and workers outside of prison by also refusing food on a one-day fast tomorrow, for May Day, the international day of worker solidarity and resistance.

Information about the hunger strike is limited at this time, because super-max prisoners have very constrained access to communication with the outside world. The hunger strikers are asking supporters of their cause to participate by calling Warden David Bobby (330 743-0700) and ODRC director Gary Mohr (614-752-1164). The hunger strikers are asking people to encourage Warden Bobby to meet with the prisoners and take their demands seriously.

This is the second hunger strike at OSP this year. The first occurred on Feb 20th-23rd in solidarity with the Occupy movement’s call for an “Occupy for Prisoners” day of action. That hunger strike ended with Warden Bobby, as well as officials from Central Office in Columbus, promising to increase recreation time to the court-mandated minimum as well as improve enrichment programming, food quality and commissary practices. At this time, it is unclear if that promise was kept and what relationship, if any, the current hunger strike has with February’s Occupy for Prisoners hunger strike.

Ohio State Penitentiary opened in 1998. It houses over 270 level 4 and 5 maximum security prisoners, and until recently also housed 116 of Ohio’s death row prisoners. OSP was built in response to the 1993 uprising at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.

Denver ABC

Occupy 4 Prisoners – Its nots as easy as copy and paste. Burn all Prisons!


Ok, just a little rant about the Occupy 4 Prisoners action,  lets start by saying that the media outlets (most of which aren’t even trying to hide that they copy and paste from other sources) are saying 700 people were at San Quentin for the Occupy 4 prisoners action, We as anarchist/anti authoritarians might of easily had the largest group from one particular political focus, if we flew “team colors” more it would be obvious, but lets nots forget about what’s important. Our common struggle through free association and a somewhat mutual aid, the indigenous, black liberation, death row abolitionist and ever villainized anarchists/anti authoritarians, black and red.

We , who are used to (and very good at), street fighting anarchists of Occupy Oakland (it was an Occupy event) completely understood that San Quentin is our area of support and not necessarily are area of struggle, it is a place where we MUST take our lead from the prisoners. We support and felt deep inside the struggles of speakers who were family or friends of prisoners currently or formally inside U.S. Prisons where there authoritarian machine is seen naked. Another trend throughout the day some of us found interesting or inspiring is the constant references to the revolutionary George Jackson, which was assassinated o those grounds of San Quentin we stood in front of (yes was communist but we really need to ask our selves how much these political identities and ism’s change over time and especially in the context of behind the walls of prison where any revolutionary comrade whether your ism or not can be strengthened by knowing of the presence of a even some what like minded comrade). We remembered as the coast guard and other  helicopters  circled above our heads in an ever increasing and lower manner as time went on as if to say ‘OK we let you have your fun but now you have to go’……as if we were there for fun, as if the millions of incarcerated people in the United States were there for fun. As if we (the regular working class people) didnt realize that there is a war against us. Come the fuck on, we know this consciously or not, what the state calls crime doesnt come out of nowhere. It is the direct response from being robbed from birth for most of us and a struggle to cope (drug offenses) or to get by  and make some money (robbery offenses) . We still have the capitalistic system to blame and crush thats why its so important to be highly skeptical the more liberal journalistic activist who are really just supporters of a more progressive democratic party such as democracy now and put an emphasis o those who want total freedom. Those who want to burn those modern slave systems called prisons. We haven’t forgotten those inside. – Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross


Family of California Prisoner Who Died on Hunger Strike Speaks Out

Posted on February 24, 2012 by denverabc

By Sal Rodriguez, Solitary Watch

The family of Christian Gomez, the 27-year-old prisoner who died while on hunger strike at California’s Corcoran State Prison, is speaking out about the loss of their family member in the hope that similar incidents in the future are avoided.

In a phone call with Solitary Watch, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesperson Terry Thornton confirmed that Gomez had been placed in solitary confinement in the Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) pending investigation of assault on another inmate with a weapon on January 14, 2012. Thornton would not confirm the status of this investigation. Gomez was serving a life sentence for first degree murder and attempted murder.

Christian Gomez had not told his family members of his intentions to participate in the January 27-February 13 hunger strike held by ASU inmates in protest of their conditions. According to an interview with Gomez’s sister, Y.L., she “found out when the coroner Tom [Edmonds] implied that there was a possibility of a chemical imbalance due to a hunger strike he was participating in. That’s the first I heard of this. Back in [September or October] when he first was transferred there he did tell me that they were having a hunger strike to fight for their rights but he was in general population.”

Contrary to earlier reports that he had only been on a hunger strike for four days when he died, Terry Thornton confirmed to Solitary Watch that Gomez joined the strike on January 27 with 31 other inmates. This means that he had been on hunger strike for a week at the time of his death.

The family says that Gomez had high blood pressure, thyroid and kidney problems.  According to Y.L., before being sent to Corcoran he had been incarcerated at High Desert State Prison for four years. “He told me things were a lot different at this prison and that he didn’t receive the same medical attention he received over at high desert,” said Y.L.

Gomez was found unresponsive in his cell at an unconfirmed time on February 2.Reports from other inmates indicate that they had pounded on their cell doors and screamed to get the attention of the correctional officers. He was declared dead at Corcoran District Hospital at 12:22 PM.

According to Y.L., “My mother received the call of my brother’s death on Thursday February 2, 2012 at approximately  1pm. She then called me hysterically and that’s when I went over to her house. When I got there I asked her who called and she said someone from the prison. [I] asked her if they gave her a number were we could call to obtain more info and she said no. They told her that she would receive a letter in the mail explaining everything and where we could claim the body… I was so upset that things were being handled this way, for God sake we were talking about a human being not an animal.”

Asked how she would like people to remember her brother, Y.L. responded,”he was a genuine person that had not lost hope in the system. He knew that he would eventually get out. Although he had made bad choices in who he hung around with he didn’t murder anyone. The witnesses in his case never identified him on the contrary, but yet he was still convicted. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford a good attorney and he got screwed. He was very caring with his family and friends and therefore he will be greatly missed by those who knew him. He had matured a lot in prison and can be remembered by those who knew him as a prankster. There was never a dull moment with him. He always had a big smile when we visited him and never discussed how bad things were in there to not worry us. He always said he was fine. Even in the last letter he wrote on Jan 30th which my mom received on Feb 3rd he wrote that he was fine.”

Reposted from: Denver ABC

Stand up for Captive Cherokee Warrior Oso Blanco

Posted on February 5, 2012 by denverabc

NOTE- As of 2/5/2012 Oso Blanco’s supporters are asking that calls me directed to SMU Louisiana rather than Louisburg. Please note the updated contact info below.

Stand up for Captive Cherokee Warrior Oso Blanco

In October, Cherokee political prisoner Byron Shane of Chubbuck (also known as Oso Blanco and Yona Unega)  was preparing for a federal transfer from USP Lewisburg to FCI Oakdale, Louisiana, Special Management Unit (SMU).  Lewisburg staff were well aware of the vital tribal documents included in his property which were packed out intact by Mr. Vey on October 4, 2011.

This transfer was canceled.There was a lot of delay and confusion in getting Oso Blanco’s property returned to him. Property came back from Oakdale, Louisiana and was unpacked on January 13, 2012. Oso Blanco’s address book was torn in two. Vital documents that had been inserted inside and held with a rubber band were missing. Other items were missing. Generally the property was ransacked in a manner well beyond simple negligence or sloppiness but rather, showing clear signs deliberate destruction.

*Missing documents include the following:

*Copy of old original blue card
(Cherokee citizenship enrollment official document)

*New original blue card

*Eagle permit
(us federal fish and wildlife recognition of a member of a federally recognized tribe allowed to possess eagle feathers for traditional spiritual purposes)


This latest example of vindictive abuse from the Bureau of Prisons is part of a long-term pattern of targeted harassment  Oso Blanco his refusal to cooperate with political incarceration by the United States as he does not recognize the us as having any legitimate power over him as a sovereign Cherokee.

This latest round of harassment in the form of ransacked and stolen property comes as retribution for his filing on the basis of the US having no plenary powers over indigenous nations as articulated by Steven T Newcomb in his article, “No Plenary Power Over Indian Nations”.

Oso Blanco has asserted his sovereignty as a Cherokee not subject to bogus criminalization so his captors have responded by trying to erase the documentation that proves his Cherokee citizenship.


On Monday, February 6th, starting at 9am Eastern time, call Oakdale
and demand that inmate Byron Shane Chubbuck (#07909-051)’s missing property be
recovered and returned to him intact.

Call FCI Oakdale at             318-335-4070       and ask for Warden Joseph P Young’s office.

Alternately ask for the Receiving and Discharge (R&D) Department or the Security Investigative Section (SIS) of the Special Management Unit (SMU).

Email sbrooklynabcf [at] riseup [dot] net to let us know how calls are going and/or comment on posts.

After calling or making a commitment to call yourself, forward, repaste,repost, facebook, tweet, text,  talk, and/or make flyers to hand out.

Oso Blanco also asks that you take a moment to read Steve Newcomb’s “No Plenary Powers Over Indian Nations”

Read more about Oso Blanco here:

Byron Shane of Chubbuck
P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837
USP Lewisburg