Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Were moving to Noblogs

Because of past incidents regarding wordpress temporarily blocking our access to our own page, see our article ‘BAABC gets a cease and desist order from some corporate assholes via wordpress’

and the possibility that wordpress, as said at the War on Society blog, is blocking TOR users

“We are unable to connect to any sites and some indymedia.orgsites (for example, colorado works, but portland and atlanta do not). This is not a temporary issue. It has been consistent even through changes in tech, and we believe it is because these sites refuse traffic from Tor exit nodes. Unless something changes, we will continue to be unable to access and repost information from those sites. We recommend using other platforms for communication. ”

We are soon going to move to Noblogs, we will put up a permanent link when we are finished with the Noblogs page, thank you

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