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Lawyer Needed for Cleveland 5

Help Hire Lawyer for the Cleveland 5 !

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We are friends and family members of the “Cleveland 5,” the five guys here who are on trial, accused of trying to demolish an area bridge. We are working to support these young activists, in whatever ways they need. Thus far, what stands out as the most pivotal thing is that the boys need a good lawyer, who cares about the case, has relevant experience and goes the extra mile for it. As it stands, they’re all being represented by public defenders, with varying degrees of apparent interest in the case. We have been in communication with a local attorney with an inspiring record of civil rights work, but to hire him, we need to raise $20,000 immediately.

We’re not going to lie — this is a desperate situation. The trial date is set for this September, only three months from now. This time frame will make building the case (reviewing evidence, making investigations, filing motions) incredibly challenging. The deadline for filing motions for their trial is June 30th, we need a lawyer, and investigative team working around the clock. Every day that we’re not able to hire a lawyer is a day closer to that deadline. These boys entire future hinges on what happens right now. Worse yet, they are being held in solitary confinement, which aside from being brutal treatment in itself, also means that they are severly limited in how much they can speak with their lawyers and supporters — less than one hour a day. Quick action is essential. We are all putting our personal savings on the line, and we ask that you help us support these guys by chipping in as well.

Any amount is helpful. If you don’t have money to contribute, get in touch with us at to discuss other ways you can help support the five.

Some background on the case: our friends are being tried for charges that hold a maximum sentence of several lifetimes. The government is making a case in the media that these are dangerous anarchists, a word they equate with terrorist. However, many journalists have questioned the nature of the government’s investigation, suggesting that the FBI might be instigating actions, which they rope people into, rather than “catching people in the act.” We want to see our friends and family members go free, and believe that it is criminal for the the government to take them away from us, to use them as tools in their political theater.

Here is our website, with more info about our friends:

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