Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Help Us Raise $1278 dollars by next week to GET Occupy SF’s ROVER MIKE OUT OF STATE PRISON!!!

Jun 072012


Mike and his dog, Sampson

The Occupy San Francisco General Assembly passed a proposal to help raise money for OSF’s Michael “Rover” Chapin, who was arrested at the December 7 raid on our camp at Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza.  Mike was a key member of our community, setting up our first kitchen.  He was a principled and selfless person who never backed down from his ideals.

Mike goes to parole board next week.  He owes $1278 in court and restitution fees.  If it is paid off, he can get released right then.  If it is not paid, he will have to stay in prison longer.  Please donate if you can, Mike’s family doesn’t have the money.  It’s up to us to help him and give back to someone who gave so much to the movement for justice and always put his neck on the line.

Donate here:

For more info on Mike, from :

US Army Veteran Michael Chapin, known as Rover was one of the original occupiers at Occupy San Francisco’s 101 Market St. occupation of the Federal Reserve last Fall. Before Mike was arrested during the police raid of Occupy SF’s camp at Justin Herman Plaza on Dec. 7, 2011, he was known for mediating conflicts with level-headedness and an open heart & working hard to provide the community with food safety, and open communication.  He set up the first kitchen at the camp at 101 Market St., weeks before we had even moved to Justin Herman/Bradley Manning Plaza.

After Mike was brutally attacked and arrested at the Dec. 7 raid of the Justin Herman Plaza, he was wrongfully charged with felony assault on a police officer and forced to plead down to a misdemeanor.  He was then extradited to an Idaho prison for a parole violation from a crime that was committed almost ten years ago.  Michael, who is 28 years old was on parole for possession of a stolen vehicle when he was 19. He has already served four years for that crime, and now the unjust judicial system is attempting to keep Mike in prison for another 2 and half years! Michael is a victim of the prison industrial complex, and the targeted attacks on the occupy movement.  We must come together and get him free!

Mike goes to the parole board next week on June 14. Please help us raise money to pay his court and restitution fees which are $1278, then he can be released by the parole board! Otherwise he is facing a maximum of over 2 more years in state prison.

Donate here:

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