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A Website for the Cleveland 5 Justice Effort!!

Submitted by admin on Fri, 05/18/2012 – 21:35

Hey everybody!

We have launched this site to serve as an informational hub for our efforts in supporting our friends and loved ones who have been entrapped in an FBI scheme to derail an entire movement.

Letters from Prison

The 5 will be featured as blog participants, wherein we will type up their letters from prison that are directed at the general public.  Our friends are seeking help – from Occupy’s all over, from the activist community in general.  They want to tell their story, to show that they are not terrorists but activists who want to be heard and want justice for the manipulation, coercion and entrapment that they suffered in their lives.  Their fellow activists and family members have suffered from threats, fractionalism and a reactionaryism.

Report Backs

In the blog, expect report backs from trial dates and judicial proceedings as information presents itself.   We are also regularly visiting the 5 and they have a lot to say!  Expect poetry, video, etc.!

Media Coverage

We hope to compile media coverage that paints a realistic and fact-based picture of the events leading up to May 1st, 2012.  This information is to help folks who are researching the events and want helpful coverage and information to form an informed perspective on what transpired during the months leading up to mayday.

Case Progress

The trial is scheduled for Sept 17th – unheard of for a case of this magnitude!  The first trial date was originally schedulled for 9/11 – a telltale sign of the federal government’s intent to create an obtuse and politically motivated case to dangle before the media.  We will not let our friends be the dog meat of political crooks!  They are good human beings and deserve the best representation and the most expedient path to justice possible.

Speaking of which, the 5 all come from working class backgrounds and all have public defenders – some of them excellent!  A donation fund has been created to cover legal expenses and commissary – please help out!

Isolated Incident?  I Think Not!

Through our anti-war and immigrant support organizing in the community, we were already well aware of the domestic ‘war on terror’ our government has been waging using similarly exploitative and illicit tactcs against people here in our own country – most often targeting the muslim american community, but as well, many communities of color and radical communities throughout the US.  We stand by the idea that these kinds of practices – of entrapment, coercion towards criminal acts, and exploitation of people in difficult situations – are the acts of a government desperate for justification of illegal wars and police state tactics.  We continue to share solidarity with those other political prisoners who have been taken away or even dissapeared by our government – and we beleive in fighting for a world where young people can freely speak their minds and work towards building a better world without shadowy entities forcing them into becoming prisoners and justification for further repression.

– – –

We love you Connor, Brandon, Doug, Skelly and Tony! – ♥ C5J


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