Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

M1GS – Oakland Bail Donations

M1GS – Oakland Bail Donations

After the May 1st General Strike and all the police violence protestors were subjected to, bail fundraising is something we have to do. Would have probably done this in advance.

Prince Hasheem Bason is one of the Occupiers that was arrested and he is facing some of the most serious charges. Felony assault on an officer, felony attempted robbery of an officer, and of course the favorite malicious obstruction of a thruway. His bail is $65,000

Before he was arrested he had just come home from the hospital and finding out he has a hole in his lung. As he was arrested, the police tear gassed him, tased him and slammed him to the ground. The police did not rush to get him medical attention and an ambulance only showed up after an onlooker called despite very passionate cries from personal friends standing nearby watching.

I am concerned about his well being. Not only that, but it’s charges like these it’s easier to fight them from the outside and to obtain counsel. Please help with the legal funds and bail. Anything extra will be given to the antirepression committee to help with other court related expenses for oth Occupiers.

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