Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

A message from a visit to Eric Desouza

“The visit with Eric Desouza yesterday went smoothly. Three of his Bay Area comrades made the trip out to Elk Grove, and despite the discomfort of being in the jail and the sadness of seeing Eric on the other side of the glass, everyone was in good spirits given the circumstances.

Eric looked well, and spent a good portion of the time smiling and laughing. He offered some details regarding how his experience has been so far, and made some requests of his friends, comrades, and whomever supports him.

Thankfully, he has reported that the guards at Rio Consumnes are treating him fairly. He has been reading a bit, sleeping a lot, and generally finding the rhythm of keeping his head down and doing his time without any complications. The food, of course, is nothing to write home about, although he was pleasantly surprised by a breakfast one morning of what he could only assume was an attempt at french toast. Toasted bread, some sort of syrup, and what he thinks might have been eggs. As one can probably understand, he is looking forward to his first commissary order.

He is thankful that people are keeping him in their thoughts, and appreciates that there are continued efforts to spread the word about his situation.

As far as requests he has made, enough emphasis cannot be put on his desire for more emails. He should be able to receive ten per day, and they do wonders for his morale (and hence facilitate a more rapid passage of time). Anything is welcome, but keep in mind that messages that focus on his incarceration (“hang in there”, “hope you get out soon”, “we all miss you”, and other such well-meaning words of support) can serve as constant reminders that he IS incarcerated. Pretend you are communicating with a pen pal. Try sending him a poem, a short story, song lyrics, thoughts on the latest couple of movies you watched, a description of how your garden is coming along, etc.

He has specifically asked for any news of resistance, from Oakland as well as internationally, to be forwarded to him. Remember that his email will be read before it gets to him, and some content will be frowned upon. While “there were protests in Greece for four days” might be ok, “there were protests in Greece for four days and I can’t wait for that shit to spread here until we burn this motherfucker down” might not be.

He would also like efforts to promote his bail fund to be reignited. Enough thanks cannot be given for all those who gave to the fund in order to get him out after he was arrested, and it is understandable that those efforts waned somewhat after he was released, but his parents are still on the hook for another $5,700 dollars, and as retirees this presents them with no small difficulty.

EMAILING ERIC: Go to and search for him using either his name or his XREF (4779436). This should bring up his information page, which will include a link for emailing him, with instructions on how to do so.



An anonymous comrade

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