Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Mail address for Anti Fascist Eric Desouza

SO the pigs fucked up Eric’s last name, word that we are getting now is that it is SOUZA, at least for now, we will update it whenever we get word but until then this is his address. Please write Eric letters in support of his resistance to fascism and his struggle. If we don’t support those who fight to stomp out fascism, the most overtly oppressive types of systems, who will we support.

As Eric said,

“So a few laws got broken and a few cops got hurt. Big deal. People get hurt everyday and why should police be so special? Why are they better automatically for wearing a badge and a gun. That doesn’t make them better. I just means they’re cowards. The law is not right. It has nothing to do with morals and has everything to do with protecting interests that are way above everyone else.

Just more of a reason to want to burn this mutherfucker to the ground.

I really wish that occupy was more radical or would become more radical in the near future. People who put themselves on the line in these kinds of actions don’t have the support they deserve because more people in America are afraid to do the right thing and risk losing their job or possible go to jail.

Going to jail as fucked up as it is is just part of the movement. Millions of people are going to have to be incarcerated for similar shit before a revolution happens in this country where millions refuse to work and fight against every mechanisms of oppression around them be it NAZI’S, POLICE, MAINSTREAM MEDIA, BANKS, CORPORATIONS AND OTHER GROUPS out there that work to keep the system of profit going uninterrupted 24/7.

Not enough people going to jail for a good cause these days. Most people are locked up for just trying to escape the reality that is forced upon them by taking drugs or selling it to survive rather than plugging into something that can have the potential to overthrow everything but that is not the way minds work which is reason why oppression is allowed to happen in the first place. So I guess I’m not the only one that’s fucked.

Anyway, I can go on forever about revolution and how much I wish Oakland was Athens and how everybody is wrong and I’m right but I’m just going to end my long statement with this paragraph. I’ll be gone for MAY DAY. Raise some hell! DON’T GET CAUGHT!”

I (just one member of BA ABC) don’t think it is right to edit this statement in any way no matter how many folks it might offend, maybe folks will actually learn something from it, so I didn’t edit this portion.

All who support Eric should write him as much as possible (when your in jail for extended periods of time, not getting mail really sucks) at this address, even if your shy you can just say hi.

SOUZA, ERIC X-4779436 48N2205
Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
12500 Bruceville Road
Elk Grove, CA 95757


One response

  1. Puma Tail

    Long live the revolution, death to all fascists!

    March 21, 2012 at 9:03 am

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