Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Eric Desouza out of the hands of the enemy!

Message from Anonymous comrade of Eric’s

“Eric was bailed out into the loving arms of many comrades late last night. We were lucky enough to get a referral to a bail bonds office that would accept $8000 and work out a payment plan. So Eric was released last night with the money we had collected in this fund to that point!

We would like to deeply and sincerely thank everyone that has donated so far, and will donate in the future. Seeing our comrade walk out of Sacramento Jail last night when he thought he was there for the long haul was a joyous thing and it is all due to the support of the folks that have cared enough to donate to this bail fund. We still need help raising funds and spreading the word on his case. Eric is facing serious charges and needs all our solidarity!”

Thanks to all who donated or helped out with this. Its not over yet we still need to get our comrades backs and keep fighting the fascists both in the courts and on the streets.

Solidarity with all those who attempt to be a “blade in the throat of fascism” – Bay Area ABC

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