Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Update on the arrestees from the Anti-Fascist demo in Sacramento!

Word from one of our Bay Area ABC folks in Sac who will be visiting Eric today:

“I think Nigel was bonded out but I could not go to his court appearance. Kyle, who had his felony charges dropped, was arraigned at the same time as Eric. His bail was reduced to $5K while Eric’s bail was INCREASED to $100K”

Some supporters who were at court today say Eric looked “dazed and roughed up” in court. Our friend will be visiting him at 6:45 for 45 minutes.

Eric’s (who has had charges added and bail increased fro 30k – 100k) next court date is this Friday at 130pm.

From the Antirepression Crews FB page:

“The good news is that the NLG is coordinating efforts to represent the folks that were arrested in Sac on Monday. I do not believe that they were able to be present in court today, but the public defender for Eric did mention that he had been contacted by an attorney and that he’d like to postpone arraignment (currently Friday at 1:30pm).

The bad news is that Eric’s bail was raised to $100,000. He’s got more than just the 6 charges shown online, because that does not reflect the number of times he’s being charged with each offense.
>: (
An appointment has been made to visit with Eric today at 6:45pm. It’s supposed to last 45 minutes.”

Solidarity with the anti fascists who are locked up and everyone working to get them out. – Bay Area ABC

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