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Message from one of our Bay Area ABC comrades after visiting Eric Desouza

Below is an unedited message (except for the name at the end) from our BA ABC comrade after his visit with Eric Desouza

Yo. I just got back.

He is doing pretty well. Trying to sleep as much as possible. He got an email from the Oakland Werewolves and said it was huge in lifting his spirits – he said to keep them coming. He says he loves all of us and is incredibly thankful for everything we are doing. I let him know that when he goes back into the cell and its quiet and he isnt sure if anyone is thinking about him that I am literally 6 blocks away and have him on my mind and am working towards getting him out.

I was honest w/ him about the seriousness of his charges and that given the bail he may be in longer then expected. He said he feels like he can hold out for 2 more weeks and then psycologically would need to get out.

I shared as much as I could remember from your email but they wouldnt let me take my fucking notes into the visit. He laughed good and hard about Comrade Eric, The Nazi Slayer FB event.

A few key things:

1) He wants his parents to know how much support he has on the outside (us, other individuals supporting him, the A-R Crew, ABC BA, NLG etc), to show them that he was in the right. He says that they should be willing to put in $5k or something close to it and would likely be will to put in more if they know others are also putting in $ to get him out.

If we can take what his folks put in, combine it w/ what the A-R Crew can put in and then try to set-up a donation fund and see if we can start to get close to the $10k – hopefully by that time it will have been reduced a little. I am going to see if we can get the ABC BA site set-up w/ a donation piece.

2) Related to # 1, he thought it would be good if I contacted his parents about our visit and talked to them,  try to see if they could come up on a day off and visit him at the jail.

If yall can come up Friday maybe I could trek back down to the bay with yall and we could talk with his folks together? This might also help show them that he has a lot of support.

3) I told him that I would either stay in Sac or would keep coming back out here to make sure his 2 “social” visits per week were filled-up. So we could at least just talk and get him out of his cell twice a week for 45mins each time.

I think that is all – I couldnt take any fucking notes during our visit so its all a memory game.

I need to get some dinner – feel free to call me anytime tonight after like 930. Generally, you can reach out anytime you want.

Love and Solidarity to you and (name deleted). As if we needed this one more reason to tear this shit apart..

(name removed by BA ABC)

Erics new charges as far as we know are:

PC 148(A)(1) Misdemeanor
PC 185 Misdemeanor
PC 245(C) Felony
PC 404.6(A) Misdemeanor
PC 600(B) Misdemeanor
PC 69 Felony
Bail: $100,000.00

Lets put our energy together to get our comrades in Sacramento ad Alameda County out of the hands of the enemy.

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  3. bob

    could you please link to any related videos on this page?

    March 3, 2012 at 6:42 am

    • Folks can look for them themselves and keep in mind if you repost video that it is not compromising footage of comrades.

      March 3, 2012 at 11:19 pm

  4. Anon Trace

    Those charges, especially the PC 245(C) Felony ASSAULT GBI PEACE OFFICER OR FIREMAN LINE OF DUTY
    are real serious. It’s not just an issue of how much time they will give you it’s also your classification. That will
    put you on a 4 yard in prison which is not where you want to be. I would advise fighting these with all means

    March 3, 2012 at 5:46 pm

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