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Arrestee from anti nazi demo “issued a jail uniform with a swastika on the back”

While police and California Highway Patrol officers stopped African Americans from crossing the picket lines, Kyle Lesley found he could cross back and forth at will. Kyle, a member of the Occupy SF Media team, was covering the Sacramento protest of the openly racist “South Africa Project” on February 27th when people nearby started throwing things at the police. At 2:50pm, as Kyle continued recording video and taking photos, a CHP officer tackled him, injuring himself in the process.

In a phone interview this morning, Kyle reported being issued a jail uniform with a swastika on the back and being held in one cell for 48 hours with no shower. When he requested his one hour of exercise, they allowed him to do so, but only when shackled.

Sacramento police charged Kyle with possession of cannabis, felony resisting arrest, 3 counts of resisting or obstructing a police officer, riot with threat of force and interfering with a police animal (a horse). While most of these charges were dropped, Kyle is still charged with 3 counts of pc section 148(a)-(1), resisting or obstructing, pc406, rout and interfering with a police animal.

Occupy SF, along with other Occupies are presently organizing his court support, scheduled for 8:30am on March 5, 2012. The hearing will take place at 651 I Street in Sacramento. Police confiscated Kyle’s computer and camera and they are being held for evidence.

We are hearing that the National Lawyers Guild is going to be supporting him on his case.

A friend who has been in contact with Kyle says “he wants to extend his thanks to everyone who helped him”

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