Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Occupy 4 Prisoners – Its nots as easy as copy and paste. Burn all Prisons!


Ok, just a little rant about the Occupy 4 Prisoners action,  lets start by saying that the media outlets (most of which aren’t even trying to hide that they copy and paste from other sources) are saying 700 people were at San Quentin for the Occupy 4 prisoners action, We as anarchist/anti authoritarians might of easily had the largest group from one particular political focus, if we flew “team colors” more it would be obvious, but lets nots forget about what’s important. Our common struggle through free association and a somewhat mutual aid, the indigenous, black liberation, death row abolitionist and ever villainized anarchists/anti authoritarians, black and red.

We , who are used to (and very good at), street fighting anarchists of Occupy Oakland (it was an Occupy event) completely understood that San Quentin is our area of support and not necessarily are area of struggle, it is a place where we MUST take our lead from the prisoners. We support and felt deep inside the struggles of speakers who were family or friends of prisoners currently or formally inside U.S. Prisons where there authoritarian machine is seen naked. Another trend throughout the day some of us found interesting or inspiring is the constant references to the revolutionary George Jackson, which was assassinated o those grounds of San Quentin we stood in front of (yes was communist but we really need to ask our selves how much these political identities and ism’s change over time and especially in the context of behind the walls of prison where any revolutionary comrade whether your ism or not can be strengthened by knowing of the presence of a even some what like minded comrade). We remembered as the coast guard and other  helicopters  circled above our heads in an ever increasing and lower manner as time went on as if to say ‘OK we let you have your fun but now you have to go’……as if we were there for fun, as if the millions of incarcerated people in the United States were there for fun. As if we (the regular working class people) didnt realize that there is a war against us. Come the fuck on, we know this consciously or not, what the state calls crime doesnt come out of nowhere. It is the direct response from being robbed from birth for most of us and a struggle to cope (drug offenses) or to get by  and make some money (robbery offenses) . We still have the capitalistic system to blame and crush thats why its so important to be highly skeptical the more liberal journalistic activist who are really just supporters of a more progressive democratic party such as democracy now and put an emphasis o those who want total freedom. Those who want to burn those modern slave systems called prisons. We haven’t forgotten those inside. – Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross


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