Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross – Support revolutionary Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners

Occupy San Quentin

Occupy San Quentin

Important information for the demonstration at San Quentin on February 20th, 2012.

The demonstration will be from 12noon to 3:00pm at the East Gate.

Sign up for a ride or to volunteer for carpool. We strongly encourage you to go to a meet-up for a ride or to carpool.

Oakland: meet-up at Oscar Grant Plaza/ 14th and Broadway – 10am

San Francisco: meet-up is at 1540 Market @ Van Ness – 10am

Directions and parking information PLEASE READ, especially if you are going to the prison without going to a meet-up first. There will be NO PARKING on the road leading up to the prison or in the prison parking lot. You will need to park about a mile away and either walk or wait for the shuttle to bring you closer to the prison.

This shuttle, however, may only be able to bring you within a short walking distance to the gate. If you need a ride all way up to the gate, please share that information in the rides sign-up or by emailing, as you may need to arrive early.

Public transportation options – Please consider the available public transportation, including bus routes from SF, Marin and Richmond.

Occupy San Quentin will feature reading of statements by people in prisons, art, music and bringing together our movements. This demonstration is in solidarity with those behind prison walls, their loved ones, and formerly incarcerated people. These communities ask that the spirit of solidarity create a safe space for all on February 20th.

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