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Nazi Scum list targets on Stormfront

Lately some Nazi fucks got their feelings hurt when some of their white pride redneck buddies got their asses whooped in Chicago and started putting raidcals, ANTIFA supporters and just regular folks who showed support for nazi peices of shit getting whats coming to them as targets on, the white supremacist social networking site for fuck heads. Folks who are vocal about their opposition to these peices of shit or supported the asswhooping in Chicago online should check out

Look at the pages and see if anyone you know is included (there are Bay Area folks) and give them a heads up. -

Until the last is beaten to death by the last politician – Bay Area ABC

June 11: International Day of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Friday, May 25 2012 @ 04:14 PM CDT

Contributed by: Anonymous


June 11: International Day of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


It is Friday and that means I try to bring you something about political prisoners.  Why do I do this?  Any number of reasons come to mind, but I will give you three.

One, I once was a political prisoner and I know how important support from the outside is to a person locked up.

Two, anyone who is a serious leftist activist of any kind always must understand that there are risks involved.  When the State decides you are a threat, it acts in its interest.  The Empire doesn’t like to be challenged.  Consequently, there but for the grace of god, as they say, go you.  It doesn’t matter if you are guilty or innocent of this or that law, it doesn’t matter if what is said about you is true or a lie  It doesn’t matter if someone is offering testimony in exchange for their own skin or for money.  None of that matters.  If they want you, they’ll come for you.

Three, these people, these prisoners, even the one’s whose ideology we may not hold dear, or whose actions we may have disagreements with, the ones I post about here, are on our side, have acted on behalf of the exploited and oppressed in a desire to create a new world free of injustice and servitude.  We can’t just leave these fallen soldiers of our behind.

That said, the following comes from June



Everywhere that there exists dynamic struggle against the state and capitalism, there is some degree of repression. Capitalism knows well how to protect its interests, and it entails targeting and eradicating those who challenge it’s dominance. While we continue our daily struggle against this monster, we also fight to make sure our friends and comrades who have been imprisoned by the state aren’t forgotten, that their material and emotional needs are taken care of, and that they remain connected to the movements that they have been forcibly yanked away from.

Last year, as one small gesture to address this, June 11th was called as a yearly day of solidarity with two of our longest-imprisoned anarchist comrades, Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. While we realize that many of us don’t have spare time or resources to put toward organizing for prisoners who primarily exist in a U.S. context, we hope that their names and stories, as well as the lessons learned from their cases, can become well known everywhere. In our actions and solidarity, we wish to draw connections between Marie’s and Eric’s cases and those of imprisoned anarchist comrades all over the world who are experiencing firsthand these alarming trends of lengthy sentences and increased repression. This is a preliminary call addressed to all those who fight against this prison society to take action on June 11th, in solidarity with Eric, Marie and all long-term anarchist prisoners.

The cases of Marie and Eric appear fundamentally different at first glance. We choose to connect them in the context of June 11th, not only because of their similar sentences and the fact that they both remained incredibly strong in the face of intense harassment, but also to highlight and analyze the U.S. government’s multi-faceted strategy of repression.

Marie Mason was arrested in 2008 after more than 30 years of both above ground and clandestine organizing and action. She has been involved in both environmental and labor struggles, edited many radical publications, and was involved in water rights, anti-infrastructure and anti-logging and development projects in the Midwestern United States. She had already been subjected to years of FBI harassment when she was indicted for a string of Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) arsons that had occurred in 1999 and 2000. Her indictment was only possible due to the collaboration her ex-husband, Frank Ambrose, with the FBI. Due to continuing expenses, pressure and threats of a life sentence in prison, she took a non-cooperating plea deal that recommended her for 15-20 years. Citing her actions and her unwillingness to collaborate, the State turned on its word and sentenced her to nearly 23 years. Since being incarcerated, she has suffered health problems and has had many difficulties accessing vegan food, has been harassed and threatened constantly and has been re-located to a prison in Texas, nearly 2000 km away from her family, or, approximately the distance between Barcelona and Berlin. In the special “medical” unit she is currently held captive in, correspondence with the outside world is extremely controlled; her conditions can be likened to a Communications Management Unit in the U.S. or the FIES units in Spain. Some of her supporters and her family are still attempting to pursue legal means of reducing her sentence, but judicial avenues seem to be thoroughly exhausted at this point.

Eric McDavid, on the other hand, is a young anarchist who was arrested for committing no action except thoughtcrime. In 2005 he was befriended by a young girl named Anna who apparently shared his passion for taking action in defense of the environment. However, “Anna” was actually a government informant, paid over $65,000 to infiltrate the anarchist and radical environmentalist scenes to entrap people.

Anna heavily pressured Eric and two friends, Lauren and Zachary, to take action, and even went as far as to pay for renting a remote cabin in the woods where they could practice making bombs. The cabin was filled with hidden recording devices and cameras, and was funded by the FBI, who also paid for the transportation, bomb materials and provided bomb recipes. When the government felt that they had gathered enough information, they swooped in and arrested Eric, Lauren and Zach. At this point, no actions had been carried out. Lauren and Zach, under pressure from both the state and their families, collaborated with the government, while Eric remained strong and did not. His case went to trial and he was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Although jurors in the trial later stated that they didn’t understand the case and didn’t think the trial was fair, all of Eric’s appeals have failed.

These two arrests are just a small part of a broader plan of repression by the U.S. government known by anarchists as “the Green Scare”, an allusion to the Red Scare of the 1950′s in which communists in the United States were harassed, blacklisted and deported. Eco-anarchists and animal rights activists in the U.S. have faced a similar brand of coordinated harassment since 2001, being named the #1 domestic terrorism threat in the United States even though their action, through careful planning and consideration, have never harmed humans or animals. In 2005, the government’s “operation backfire” plan completely ripped apart the underground E.L.F. movement in the northwest United States, and subsequently Eric, Marie and others have been targeted for two apparent purposes: the first being to completely wipe out the E.L.F. in the United States, and the second being to foster a culture of fear and obedience. The state has unfortunately been quite successful in this task, thanks to tactics such as extensive surveillance, infiltration, and clever uses of laws such as the AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a law that makes it an act of terrorism to cause financial impact on businesses that profit from animal exploitation), as well as laws against organized crime and conspiracy charges.

We don’t encourage solidarity on the basis of long-term sentences because we believe in a possibility for a reasonable or fair sentence for any prisoner (though both Marie’s and Eric’s 20+ year sentences are well in excess of the sentencing guidelines for their so-called crimes.) We focus on the longevity of their sentences because, whatever the circumstances of their arrest, the government is using these lengthy sentences to send a message, and to scare broadening circles of people into compliance and fear. By locking Eric and Marie up for decades, the state wishes to erase them. If, minimally, once a year, our comrades names are shouted from the rooftops and written on the walls, our enemies will have not fully succeeded in this sinister task. Of course we’re reminded of the absence of our comrades daily, but we hope that this yearly day of solidarity can be a starting point for keeping them the minds of a greater number of people more regularly.

Last year, events and actions occurred in over 30 cities across the U.S. and internationally. We were impressed by the expressions of solidarity, from a public noise demonstrations and events across the US to fundraiser dinner shows in Israel, and actions of sabotage from as far away as Russia and Peru. (A dossier of actions from last year, as well as information and material for this year are available at

The heyday of the E.L.F. in the United States is over. We’re moving into a dynamic period of growing social antagonism, and need to make sure that prisoners such as Marie and Eric aren’t left behind or forgotten. Solidarity for them should not be relegated to prisoner support specialists or those who knew them personally – their absence is of importance to all of us, and support for them should be generalized.

The struggle to free Marie, Eric and others is the struggle against the society that not only creates and maintains prisons, but also commits the environmental devastation that Marie and Eric raged against.

To other comrades facing or serving long term imprisonment: we send warm greetings to Eat and Billy, undergoing trial in Indonesia for acts of sabotage; imprisoned members ofConspiracy Cells of Fire and Revolutionary Struggle in Greece; Billy, Costas and Silvia in Swizerland; Tortuga, Freddy, Marcelo and Juan in Chile and all those implicated in the Caso Bombas; All other non-cooperating Green Scare defendants in the U.S., some of whom are about to be released: Daniel McGowanSadie, Exile, Jonathan Paul and the recently re-captured Justin Solondz. These are just a small sampling of cases, but unfortunately we could go on and on. We have no definition for what “long term” imprisonment could mean – every moment the state steals our loved ones away from us is too long.

Organize an event or action on June 11th, this year and every year. Let’s fight together, for the destruction of this prison society and to help remind our comrades they’re never alone!


June 11th began as an international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoner Jeff “Free” Luers in 2004. At the time, Jeff was serving 22+ years. Infuriated by the environmental devastation he saw occurring on a global scale, Jeff torched three SUVs at a car dealership in Eugene, OR. The sentence imposed on him was meant to send a clear message to others who were angered by capitalism’s continued war on the Earth’s ecosystems – and to those who were willing to take action to put a stop to it. Jeff is, after all, not alone in his concerns about climate change, fossil fuels, pollution and genetically modified organisms.

After years of struggle, Jeff and his legal team won a reduction in his sentence and he was released from prison in December 2009. But in the years intervening Jeff’s arrest and release, the FBI had carried out a series of indictments and arrests in an attempt to devastate the radical environmental and anarchist communities. Two of the people caught up in this maelstrom of repression were Eric McDavid and Marie Mason.

Eric McDavid was arrested in January 2006 after being entrapped by a paid government informant – “Anna” – and was charged with a single count of conspiracy. Eric – who never carried out any actions and was accused of what amounts to “thought crime” – refused to cooperate with the state and took his case to trial. After a trial fraught with errors, the jury convicted Eric. He was subsequently sentenced to almost 20 years in prison. More information on Eric’s case can be found at

Marie Mason was arrested in March 2008 after her former partner – Frank Ambrose – turned informant for the FBI. Facing a life sentence if she went to trial, Marie accepted a plea bargain in September 2008, admitting her involvement in the burning of an office connected to GMO research and the destruction of a piece of logging equipment. At her sentencing in February the following year, she received a sentence of almost 22 years. More information on Marie’s case can be found at

Marie Mason and Eric McDavid share the unfortunate distinction of having the longest standing sentences of any environmental prisoners in the United States. Please join us in an international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other long-term anarchist prisoners on every June 11th. This is a time to remember our friends who are in prison – who are continuing their struggles on the inside. This is a time to continue and strengthen the very work for which Eric and Marie are now serving so much time – to struggle against capitalism, ecological devastation, and the ever more diffuse forms of control in this prison society.

Free Marie and Eric! Free all prisoners!

If you’re planning an event for June 11th and would like it to appear on this website, please send us the info you’d like posted at june11 If you raise money at your event, you can find donation instructions here for Eric or here for Marie.

confirmed events for 2012

(more info about each event will appear as it’s sent in)

Memphis, TN–a showing of “Attica”, a talk by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, letter-writing, and refreshments. Donations will be split between Sundiata Acoli and Marie Mason. Facebook event here

Louisville, KY–a showing of “If A Tree Falls” and a chili dinner.

. Evansville, IN–a community picnic and info session.

Minneapolis, MN–a microphone demo!

St Louis, MO– a benefit show, dance party, dinner and discussion on June 9th at the Boulder space. All money collected going to prisoner support.

New York City, NY– punk rock kareoke benefiting Marie and Eric. Facebook event here. ” Along with the NYC Anarchist Black Cross, Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago will be hosting their first ever night in NYC! We’ll be throwing down for Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other long-term anarchist prisoners in honor of the annual June 11th International Day of Solidarity. Every penny raised will go directly towards support efforts for Marie, Eric and others. Come out and support our prisoners by shelling out some cash and singing your heart out to one-of-a-kind punk rock karaoke tracks! Seriously, it is a win/win. Monday, June 11th 8pm – midnight (8pm sharp! Not punk time.) Fontana’s Bar (105 Eldridge Street, Manhattan) $7 donation 21+ (SORRY!)”

Guelph, Ontario–public information and letterwriting night on June 4th. Portland, OR–all stores in the vegan mini mall are donating 10% of their profits to Marie and Eric on June 11th. Facebook event here, awesome video to promote the event here.

Salt Lake City, Utah–Afternoon: a family friendly activity in the park featuring a mini carnival (game booths, face painting, three-legged ‘Mutual Aid’ race, etc.) with vegan food and refreshments for donations. Evening: punk rock show with performances by local political bands. Possible fire juggling display.

Philadelphia, PA–on Saturday, June 9th, 50% of all sales from the Wooden Shoe (704 South St) 50% of all sales will go to Marie and Eric. That evening at 6pm, there’s a benefit show at the LAVA Space, located at 4134 Lancaster. Peregrine, Cop Problem, Dying, and one band TBA are playing.

Washington, DC– an ice cream social on June 11th, from 6pm to 9pm at 1213 Delafield Pl NW. $10-20 suggested donation, all proceeds to Marie and Eric. “There will be homemade ice cream, cookies, and caramel sauce as well as a variety of other toppings. We’re talking sundaes, milkshakes, and ice cream sandwiches! There will even be sandwiches from Sticky Fingers.” Facebook event here.

Houston, TX Grand Rapids, MI Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia Asheville, NC Bloomington, IN Sacramento, CA Olympia, WA Lawrence, KS Eugene, OR

Link to article in Infoshop News

A Website for the Cleveland 5 Justice Effort!!

Submitted by admin on Fri, 05/18/2012 – 21:35

Hey everybody!

We have launched this site to serve as an informational hub for our efforts in supporting our friends and loved ones who have been entrapped in an FBI scheme to derail an entire movement.

Letters from Prison

The 5 will be featured as blog participants, wherein we will type up their letters from prison that are directed at the general public.  Our friends are seeking help – from Occupy’s all over, from the activist community in general.  They want to tell their story, to show that they are not terrorists but activists who want to be heard and want justice for the manipulation, coercion and entrapment that they suffered in their lives.  Their fellow activists and family members have suffered from threats, fractionalism and a reactionaryism.

Report Backs

In the blog, expect report backs from trial dates and judicial proceedings as information presents itself.   We are also regularly visiting the 5 and they have a lot to say!  Expect poetry, video, etc.!

Media Coverage

We hope to compile media coverage that paints a realistic and fact-based picture of the events leading up to May 1st, 2012.  This information is to help folks who are researching the events and want helpful coverage and information to form an informed perspective on what transpired during the months leading up to mayday.

Case Progress

The trial is scheduled for Sept 17th – unheard of for a case of this magnitude!  The first trial date was originally schedulled for 9/11 – a telltale sign of the federal government’s intent to create an obtuse and politically motivated case to dangle before the media.  We will not let our friends be the dog meat of political crooks!  They are good human beings and deserve the best representation and the most expedient path to justice possible.

Speaking of which, the 5 all come from working class backgrounds and all have public defenders – some of them excellent!  A donation fund has been created to cover legal expenses and commissary – please help out!

Isolated Incident?  I Think Not!

Through our anti-war and immigrant support organizing in the community, we were already well aware of the domestic ‘war on terror’ our government has been waging using similarly exploitative and illicit tactcs against people here in our own country – most often targeting the muslim american community, but as well, many communities of color and radical communities throughout the US.  We stand by the idea that these kinds of practices – of entrapment, coercion towards criminal acts, and exploitation of people in difficult situations – are the acts of a government desperate for justification of illegal wars and police state tactics.  We continue to share solidarity with those other political prisoners who have been taken away or even dissapeared by our government – and we beleive in fighting for a world where young people can freely speak their minds and work towards building a better world without shadowy entities forcing them into becoming prisoners and justification for further repression.

- – -

We love you Connor, Brandon, Doug, Skelly and Tony! – ♥ C5J


Website homepage

Solidarity for Jeremy Hawthorne, Jailed Anarchist, Richmonder, Friend

From Jeremy Commissary @ Chipin“Jeremy’s said he needs about $30 a week to pay for decent non-carnivorous food, stamps, sanitary supplies, and so on. Assuming a release date sometime in August, he’ll need somewhere near $500 all up from now til his release.

I’m assuming like roughly $100 will go to the ChipIn, Paypal, and jail percentages. We can minimize the amount of money wasted (and given to the state!) by donating it all at once.

So, put up some cash for our friend!”

Help make Jeremy’s time easier in jail by donating money so he can have phone privileges to call his family (collect!), write letters (paper & stamps cost dollars), and eat something vegetarian (mostly Cheetos & Ramen minus the flav packet).

I know he and all of his loved ones will really appreciate it.
“Jeremy had his sentencing hearing today. The judge found it appropriate to comment on Jeremy’s political views as an anarchist, telling him that this ‘society is governed by laws’ and that he should rethink his affiliations. The prosecutor, Chris Toepp, felt it was necessary to defame Jeremy’s character, insisting ‘he shows no remorse’ for a crime he maintains he is innocent of. He also demanded Jeremy go straight to jail, despite the fact that Jeremy’s father testified that he was very closely involved with his family, and being Easter Weekend, he would like Jeremy to spend it with the family. The Commonwealth of VA got their wishes mostly, denying Jeremy’s request of work release, and only suspending 6 months of the jury’s recommended 12 months in jail. We did not even get to say goodbye to our friend before he was taken to be processed, for a nonviolent crime he did not commit.

About 20-25 people showed up to support Jeremy, including his mother and father. Many were Jeremy’s close friends, others were comrades in the struggle. Most of us are both.

So what is left to us now? We organize. Jeremy’s close friend Pablo will be setting up a commissary fund for Jeremy to be able to purchase the supplies he needs while he is serving time. Ellen and Janissa will be gathering the paperwork and rules regarding visitation and letter writing, and will be making small business cards to be made available to anyone who would like to send Jeremy literature, zines, or whatever else may be allowed. This blog will make sure to give timely updates on any developments, and allow anyone who wants to show Jeremy support to get the information they need to do so.

Until then, take care of each other, and don’t give up the fight. Jeremy hasn’t.”

Source: Anarchist dot News

Pre-trial Hearing of Occupied Oakland October 26th BART Arrestees

October Arrest

As of May 21. The two have pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace, and have 2 years probation. This can be taken down to an infraction after the two years. Now what is sad, but now they have to use the 12th street station lawfully :-)


Court hearing is for Colin and Ted who has a Pre Trial Hearing on May 21st, and then Trial Readiness, which often follows shortly afterwards, on June 1st in Oakland at 661 Washington Street, between 6th and 7th Street at Department 104, 9 A.M. Their lawyers have expressed that it is ideal to pack the court to the point that a can of sardines would be embarrassed.

The arrests were for allegedly for felony vandalism, and misdemeanor “Willfully Resists, Delays, or Obstructs Public, ‘Peace’ Officer.” They were in Santa Rita for three days until we were bailed out. Prior to the arraignment, the original bail was set at $55,000. At our arraignment, the “vandalism”- which referred to the “damaged gate”- was reduced to a misdemeanor, reducing it to $10,000.

There is great concern that a guilty verdict will happen

The first plea deal was to reduce the misdemeanor to just one count, three years probation and a requirement that we must have a BART ticket to be at the station. Yes, they will be bound to have a ticket like that is exclusively just us.

The second time the only difference would be two years probation instead of two. But at the third hearing, the prosecution was unwilling to go further down, as we wanted an infraction.

BART wants a stay away order from the 12th Street station, which would require a misdemeanor. It is not clear that another plea deal will be offered because of the the stay away order and that means keeping one misdemeanor, and probation, which they want as long as possible, meaning three years.

Richmond, Va Anarchist Jeremy Hawthorne sentenced today

To donate to Jeremy’s Commissary Fund go to:

What might have been Richmond’s most politically charged trial of 2012 ended quickly and quietly in the John Marshall Courts building today.

Officer (Cars) Down

Jeremy Hawthorne, member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in Barton Heights, received a felony sentence of one year in jail and a $1,300 fine today for allegedly slashing the tires of seven VCU police and security vehicles. The case was practically written for tabloid journalism “Anarchists Attack and Disable Police Cruisers” and I arrived at the courthouse expecting to hear as much about the anti-authoritarian politics of the Wingnuts during the trial as I did about whether Jeremy was actually guilty.

It was not to be. Minutes before the trial began, Jeremy’s court appointed attorney proposed that his residence at the Wingnut and its politics not be mentioned in front of the jury. She was worried that associating him with a high-profile anarchist group would affect the jury’s perception of him negatively. The prosecuting attorney would presumably love to bring the group’s not-so-subtle rhetoric into the courtroom as evidence against him.

Against expectation, the prosecution quickly agreed to the ban on politics, and what had been a powder keg was almost instantly robbed of any mainstream media relevance. Jeremy would soon be just another convicted felon.

To understand why the Commonwealth so readily agreed to omit politics from the trial and how that affected its outcome, a brief primer is in order…

Originally posted by Kontra on February 2, 2012:


eremy’s Address:
Jeremy Hawthorne
Tier G1 #134359
Richmond City Jail
Richmond, VA 23223

He can receive letters and [five photographs per day], but there are lots of other restrictions on other types of items. Jeremy could also really use money for his commissary fund, so he can pay for stamps and write people back. Please consider donating, and contact us at or call Pablo directly at 804-248-2496.

Thanks for all the support y’all, and please keep checking back here for updates on Jeremy, as well as the Ashley Williams case that has recently been getting publicity. A coalition has just been formed of community leaders that include current councilman Marty Jewell, former councilman Saad Al-Amin, VA State NAACP, and the Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality.

Orginially posted by flyingbrickrva on April 19, 2012.


Interview – Paul Wright – Prison Profiteers

Prosecutors file charges against Occupy Oakland protesters and revoke probation on two.

(05-04) 18:03 PDT Oakland –

The Alameda County District Attorney’s office filed charges Friday against three people arrested at Occupy

Oakland’s demonstration this week and said it is seeking to revoke probation on two others who were arrested that day.

Jordan Bard, 22, was charged with felony vandalism as well as a misdemeanor for wearing a mask during the commission of a crime; Stephanie Demos, 54, was charged with resisting arrest and failure to disperse after a declaration of an unlawful assembly; and Isaac Castro, 24, was charged with felony assault on a peace officer.

Prosecutors said they are seeking to revoke probation for Siaosi Aleamotua, 19, who had previous a robbery conviction and was subject to a stay-away order from Frank Ogawa Plaza when police officers said they saw him there.

They are also seeking to revoke probation for Eric Benard, 37, who had a previous conviction for battery on a police officer. Prosecutors said he was arrested on May Day for resisting arrest.

The charges announced by prosecutors represent only a fraction of the 39 people police said they arrested Tuesday. But prosecutors say more charges may be coming.

“We are going to be reviewing additional cases next week,” said Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick.

Read more:


Byran Michael Wiedeman, aka PAX is soon to be out on bond according to the Free Pax Facebook page

“We’ve paid Pax’s $4k bond! He’ll be out either very late tonight or very early tomorrow morning. More updates when we know more. (Bail was originally set at $360k, but reduced when 64 of the charges were abandoned.)”

Hopefull it stay that way and he stays out of the hands of the enemy. FTP, ACAB – Bay Area ABC

San Francisco May Day General Strike, SF Commune Photos

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For video of both SF and Oakland:

Oakland May 1st General Strike: Photos

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Support Needed For Antifascist Prisoner


Ravender Gill is one of the six UK antifascists imprisoned last year after being fitted-up for ‘conspiracy to cause violent disorder’. While the other five comrades have all been released, either subject to curfew on electronic tag, or in the case of Thomas Blak to deportation, Ravi Gill remains in prison. Ravi is an avid reader, but books sent to him by Haven Distribution, a supplier approved by the Prison Service, are being withheld from him by the Governor of Wayland, Kevin Reilly. Ravi’s complaints about this abuse of power and violation of the Human Rights Act are simply being ignored by this jumped up ‘Little Hitler’. We therefore ask you to send cards, letters, faxes to Mr Reilly asking him to explain himself. You can also phone him. Please take a few minutes to show Ravi Gill that he is not alone.

Kevin Reilly
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL

Tel – 01953 804100
Fax – 01953 804220

Letters of support to Ravi at:

Ravinder Gill
HMP Wayland
IP25 6RL

Leeds ABC UK article


Portland Police Arrest 25-Year-Old for Vandalizing Banks

May 03, 2012 14:34

Attachment: VIEW FILES

Today, Thursday May 3, 2012, the Portland Police Bureau arrested 25-year-old Byran Michael Wiedeman on seventy-two counts of criminal mischief related to an investigation into multiple bank and ATM vandalisms in Portland.

Officers served a search warrant today at 6104 North Mississippi Avenue, where Wiedeman and 4 others were squatting. Wiedeman was arrested while 4 others at the residence were detained and released at the scene.

This investigation stretches nearly two years and involves vandalisms at the Hollywood Key Bank branch and the U.S. Bank branch in Southeast Portland on February 29, 2012; as well as vandalism at the Portland Community College Cascade Campus in July 2010.

The investigation at this point is continuing and detectives will continue to analyze computers and phone seized during the search warrant as well as bank surveillance video collected during this investigation. Additional arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

Wiedeman was charged with thirty-six counts of Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Mischief in the First Degree and thirty-six counts of Criminal Mischief in the First Degree.

Bail is set at $360,000. A Multnomah County Grand Jury will hear the charges against Wiedeman in the next week.

Unmasked: Meet The FBI’s Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch

Shaquille Azir, 39, was indicted twice during federal cooperation

MAY 2–The paid informant who helped orchestrate the FBI sting that resulted in the arrest of five anarchists for allegedly plotting to blow up an Ohio bridge is a convicted felon who was arrested on bad check and theft charges in the midst of his cooperation with federal investigators, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Shaquille Azir, 39, was named in a pair of felony indictments filed in January in Cuyahoga County, according to court records. Azir, who TSG has identified as the informant in the federal bombing case, is accused in the indictments of passing bad checks on July 25, 2011 and December 22, 2011.

Azir, pictured in the mug shot at right, “has been working as a source for the FBI since July 20, 2011,” according to the U.S. District Court complaint filed yesterday against the alleged bomb plotters. Wearing a body recorder, Azir captured the five self-styled anarchists plotting to use C-4 explosive to take down a Cleveland-area bridge.

Azir arranged for the purchase of the C-4 from an undercover FBI agent. He also fronted the alleged conspirators money for the buy of the material, which had been rendered inert by federal investigators. If the bombing case goes to trial, defense lawyers will certainly portray the 6’ 5”, 350-pound Azir as the plot’s instigator, a snitch who pocketed the FBI’s money to help entrap the five defendants, who range in age from 20 to 35.

An e-mail sent to his Azir’s Yahoo account received no response, and a phone number that he recently used when registering a web domain was answered by a man who said he had never heard of Azir. In a recent court filing, he listed a home address in Maple Heights, a suburban Cleveland city.

Azir’s most recent–and ongoing–brushes with the law are not disclosed in the federal complaint, which provides a brief description of the criminal past of the “Confidential Human Source,” or “CHS,” who was instrumental in helping the FBI put together the bombing case (and who has “provided information and intelligence that have led to the opening of several additional investigations”).

The FBI source–who has been paid “$5750 for services and $550 for expenses”–has prior convictions for cocaine possession (1990), robbery (1991), and four convictions for passing bad checks between 1991 and 2011, according to the bombing complaint. No mention is made, however, of Azir’s two pending criminal cases.

Additionally, the FBI somehow failed to mention a variety of other convictions–grand theft, tampering with records, aggravated theft–on the rap sheet of Azir, who was formerly known as Kelvin Jackson and has recently worked as a landlord and building contractor.

Some of the accused bomb plotters apparently worked on buildings owned by Azir, who told members of the group that he wanted to keep the C-4 “in one of his properties so that they do not have to involve anyone else in the plan.” Two days before the bridge bombing was to occur, one of the alleged plotters, Connor Stevens, decided that he wanted to bail from the conspiracy, according to the federal complaint. However, the 20-year-old Stevens “still wanted to work on CHS’ houses,” reported FBI Agent Ryan Taylor.

Azir’s first indictment this year came on January 12, when he was charged with knowingly passing a bad check for $1471.87 to a home décor company. On January 24, he was named in a second felony indictment accusing him of defrauding a Cleveland-based credit union through the issuance of a bum check for $2165. The two cases have been consolidated and Azir is next due in court on May 10.

Azir is also facing a probation violation hearing in Lorain County, where he has been convicted of passing bad checks. That hearing, which has been postponed several times during the course of his FBI cooperation, is now scheduled for May 14.

Ohio records show that Azir spent nearly three years in state prison for robbery and possession of stolen property before being paroled in January 1995. He returned to the state system for six months in 2009 following a bad check conviction in Cuyahoga County. Azir’s most recent conviction came last November for grand theft and passing bad checks. He was sentenced to 18 months probation.

The federal complaint filed against the alleged bridge plotters notes that the FBI’s “Confidential Human Source” has not been paid by the bureau “since beginning his/her probation.” The FBI probe of the five anarchists began after agents directed Azir to attend an October 21 Occupy Wall Street rally in Cleveland.

The agents mobilized Azir after receiving “an initial report of potential criminal activity and threats involving anarchists who would be attending” the “Occupy” event. While at the rally, Azir met Douglas Wright, 26, who reportedly confided details of planned attacks “against corporate America and the financial system.” Through Wright, Azir subsequently met (and secretly recorded) the other four men named in the bombing complaint.

Along with his frequent appearances in Ohio criminal courthouses, Azir has been somewhat of a regular in the federal bankruptcy court in Cleveland, where he has filed nine separate bankruptcy petitions over the past 12 years. While seven of the cases were dismissed, two resulted in the discharge of six-figure debts piled up by Azir.

According to his LinkedIn page, Azir has owned the Desdy Property Group since late-2001, and has recently attended Baldwin-Wallace College, where he was studying for a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. He also reported previously attending Lorain County Community College and Cuyahoga Community College, where, in 2007, he was “President Elect Student Government.” The Desdy firm has been certified by the City of Cleveland as a minority business enterprise–through March 2013–in the areas of “Community Development & Business consulting,” according to an online municipal registry.

While a review of Facebook pages reveals a nexus between the five alleged wannabe bombers, Azir’s name does not appear on any of their respective lists of friends. He did, however, once maintain a MySpace account which noted that he was on the social networking site to “meet new people. I don’t have time for games…so if your childish stay where you are.” A photo of Azir from his MySpace page is seen above.

Describing himself as a single “Proud Parent,” Azir listed Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Russell Simmons as the people he would like to meet. His TV favorites were listed as ESPN, MTV Jams, and HBO’s “The Wire.” (4 pages)

The Smoking Gun

M1GS – Oakland Bail Donations

M1GS – Oakland Bail Donations

After the May 1st General Strike and all the police violence protestors were subjected to, bail fundraising is something we have to do. Would have probably done this in advance.

Prince Hasheem Bason is one of the Occupiers that was arrested and he is facing some of the most serious charges. Felony assault on an officer, felony attempted robbery of an officer, and of course the favorite malicious obstruction of a thruway. His bail is $65,000

Before he was arrested he had just come home from the hospital and finding out he has a hole in his lung. As he was arrested, the police tear gassed him, tased him and slammed him to the ground. The police did not rush to get him medical attention and an ambulance only showed up after an onlooker called despite very passionate cries from personal friends standing nearby watching.

I am concerned about his well being. Not only that, but it’s charges like these it’s easier to fight them from the outside and to obtain counsel. Please help with the legal funds and bail. Anything extra will be given to the antirepression committee to help with other court related expenses for oth Occupiers.

Protesters clash with police, throw bottles, enter bank & vandalize it — Oakland, CA

Police in riot gear have moved in on May Day protesters, scattering them through downtown and leaving Frank H. Ogawa Plaza nearly empty.

Police issued two dispersal orders to clear the 14th and 15th at Broadway and Telegraph Avenue and a crowd of about 300 people surged forward and started throwing bottles and other objects at police. Someone set off a flash-bang grenade and police converged on the perimeter of the plaza and told protesters to leave. Protesters held their ground for a few minutes, and police spread out through the plaza and then protesters moved elsewhere.

There is a small group of protesters left at 20th and Broadway but mostly there is calm in downtown Oakland after a day of May Day protests and mass marches that saw intermittent clashes with police.

At least 11 people had been arrested in Oakland by 9:30 p.m. on charges of vandalism, resisting arrest, failure to disperse and violation of court orders to stay away from Ogawa Plaza.

Early on, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan sent a clear message that police would not tolerate violence or vandalism.

“If people are intent on hurting other people or property we aren’t going to tolerate that,” Jordan said in an afternoon news conference.

Jordan characterized the protesters as “a lot more assertive, a lot more aggressive,” than those at Occupy Oakland protests over the last seven months.

In San Francisco, a large group of protesters took

over the San Francisco Archdiocese at 888 Turk St., at Gough Street. Tuesday afternoon, one masked protester hurled and pipes bricks down from the rooftop onto the crowd below for several minutes, striking one man in the chest. That man received a bloody nose, but declined medical attention. Police surrounded the building and arrested the brick thrower when he came down, said San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr. Protesters shouted that the masked brick thrower didn’t represent their movement. Police did not release the man’s name or age.

In Oakland, thousands of demonstrators walked miles from the Fruitvale district and other parts of the city and arrived at Frank Ogawa Plaza at 14th and Broadway at 6:30 p.m. for an evening rally. As they made their way from the Fruitvale to San Antonio Park at 1700 Foothill Blvd. to downtown, at least five vans with police in riot gear were stationed along the route. When they arrived, they sang, danced, gave speeches and stood around.

Through out the day, protesters repeatedly scuffled with police in riot gear, who responded with tear-gas and orders to clear the streets.

A Bank of America branch near the Kaiser Center and a Bank of the West at 2127 Broadway were spray painted with graffiti and there was other minor vandalism, police said.

Some protesters said the violence detracted from the message.

“As much as I support (the Occupy movement), there are a lot of legitimate reasons why it’s not being taken seriously,” said Sunny Hamilton, 25, of Castro Valley, “It’s not the message, it’s the method.

“Activism is a beautiful thing,” she said, “but roughing up a statue or hitting someone on the head with a bottle is not.”

Oakland police are receiving aid from the California Highway Police as well as the Hayward, Newark, Fremont and Union City police and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Jordan said officers would not hesitate to use force if necessary.

In San Francisco, the take over of the archdiocese building was the culmination of a day of protests in the city. Occupiers had been evicted from the same building last month.

“We’re not the 1 percent,” said Archdiocese of San Francisco spokesman George Wesolek. “So why are they doing this to us?”

A spokesman says the protesters are not welcome and police will be asked to remove them as soon as possible. Still, Occupiers reiterated their plans to use the space as a community center and headquarters for their movement.

“It’s great,” said Ted Gullicksen, head of the San Francisco Tenants Union, who observed the take over. “I think public agencies and the church have a duty to make sure the people’s needs are being met.”

Shortly after entering, a handful of demonstrators began cutting down the chain link fence guarding the front of the building. Others set up a food line and began feeding participants.

The crowd’s reaction to the building takeover was mixed: dozens entered the building, but others watched quietly, not responding as a young man with his face hidden behind a scarf shouted, “Out of the streets and into our home!”

Earlier in the day, in San Francisco, suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi showed up to support the protesters, saying, “It’s an important message the country should hear. This frustration doesn’t just occur today, but all year round.”

In the North Bay, the Golden Gate Ferries were shut down for several hours Tuesday, but they reopened at 2:15 p.m. Ferry workers said they have been negotiating a new contract with Golden Gate Bridge management for a year, without success.

5 arrested in alleged plot to blow up Cleveland-area bridge

What does E-N-T-R-A-P-M-E-N-T spell?

Five men, including self-proclaimed anarchists, have been arrested in a sting operation in which they allegedly tried to blow up a bridge outside Cleveland, the FBI says.The suspects allegedly tried to bomb the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Brecksville Station by remote control using C-4 plastic explosives.

The alleged plot was not tied to international terrorism, the FBI says.

Update at 10:51 a.m. ET: FBI officials tells reporters today that the suspects allegedly bought what they thought were devices made of C-4 plastic explosives, but which had been rendered inert by the FBI.

An FBI official says two of the alleged co-conspirators placed two of the devices at the base of a concrete support pillar for the bridge on Monday night.

The official says the pair “attempted to remotely detonate the devices from a location that they deemed safe and would possibly give them an alibi.”

Update at 10:26 a.m. ET: The FBI says in a news release that Douglas L. Wright, 26, Brandon L. Baxter, 20, and Anthony Hayne, 35, were arrested by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force on April 30 on charges of conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce, WKYC reports.

The FBI describes them as “self-proclaimed anarchists.”

Charges against two other men, Connor C. Stevens, 20, and Joshua S. Stafford, 23, are pending.

The arrests came as part of an FBI sting and federal officials say there ws never any danger to the public.

The FBI says the explosive devices to be used in the alleged plot were in the control of an undercover FBI agent and were inoperable. The five were also under close surveillance, the FBI says, according to WKYC.

The FBI says Wright, Baxter and Hayne allegedly formed into the group and had considered a series of evolving plots over several months.

An initial plot involved using smoke grenades to distract police in order for co-conspirators to topple the signs of financial institutions on high- rise buildings in downtown Cleveland, the FBI says, according to the WKYC report.

Update at 10:13 a.m. ET: CNN reports that the FBI says the suspects allegedly planned to detonate a C-4 plastic explosives device on the bridge by remote control. In addition, the FBI says, they allegedly planned to use smoke bombs to divert police attention.

Update at 10:08 a.m. ET: Fox News reports that the arrests followed a sting operation and that the explosives involved in the alleged plot had been made inoperable. The public was not in danger, the sources close to the investigation tell Fox News.

Fox also reports that charges were filed against the defendants this morning in Cleveland.

Anarchist News Dot Org

25 Ohio Super Max Prisoners Start a Hunger Strike

Monday April 30th. Today at least twenty five prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) began a hunger strike. They are demanding that the Warden meet and negotiate with them for improved conditions in Ohio’s super-max prison. These hunger strikers say they intend to continue to refuse food until their demands are met. Another, larger group of prisoners will show symbolic solidarity with the hunger strikers, and workers outside of prison by also refusing food on a one-day fast tomorrow, for May Day, the international day of worker solidarity and resistance.

Information about the hunger strike is limited at this time, because super-max prisoners have very constrained access to communication with the outside world. The hunger strikers are asking supporters of their cause to participate by calling Warden David Bobby (330 743-0700) and ODRC director Gary Mohr (614-752-1164). The hunger strikers are asking people to encourage Warden Bobby to meet with the prisoners and take their demands seriously.

This is the second hunger strike at OSP this year. The first occurred on Feb 20th-23rd in solidarity with the Occupy movement’s call for an “Occupy for Prisoners” day of action. That hunger strike ended with Warden Bobby, as well as officials from Central Office in Columbus, promising to increase recreation time to the court-mandated minimum as well as improve enrichment programming, food quality and commissary practices. At this time, it is unclear if that promise was kept and what relationship, if any, the current hunger strike has with February’s Occupy for Prisoners hunger strike.

Ohio State Penitentiary opened in 1998. It houses over 270 level 4 and 5 maximum security prisoners, and until recently also housed 116 of Ohio’s death row prisoners. OSP was built in response to the 1993 uprising at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville.

Denver ABC

MAY DAY Clashes in Oakland: Police use tear gas and batons against protesters

Couldn’t get the link to video to work, as of now. Click here to the original article to see the video. MUST SEE!


­According to witnesses police arrested at least two protesters and used tasers against them.  Police ordered protesters out of the street after firing the tear gas and flash-bang grenades.

San Francisco Gate news outlet quotes a police spokeswoman Johanna Watson as saying, “When our patrol wagon came to make arrests, they were surrounded.” According to her, officers fired the tear gas and flash-bang grenades “to gain the attention of the crowd and stop them, which was effective. The officers were able to take the arrestees and to leave the area.

However the arrests didn’t stop protesters. They continued marching through the streets of Oakland chanting anti-capitalism slogans. Among them was Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen, who gained international attention when he was shot with a beanbag by an Oakland police officer at a protest last year. This time the former Marine, who suffered a brain injury in the Oct. 25 protest, wore a black helmet to protect his head.

“I am not 100 percent and I still have some problems, hopefully that will go away with time,” he said in an interview to San Francisco Gate. “It is a shame that (the police) are reacting this way. I shouldn’t have to wear a helmet to go out to this, but I do.”


OPD Snatch and Grab *ROUGH CUT* (5-1-2012)

Oakland pigs infiltrate march to kidnap and beat protesters on May Day during a snatch and grab operation.
FTP ACAB. This is what fascism looks like.

UPDATE #1 from the streets of Oakland…

Clashes have broken out at 14th & Broadway next to Oscar Grant Plaza as riot police snatch squads attempted to grab comrades out of the swelling crowd gathering for the noon strike rally. Police fired tear gas and flash bang grenades in an unsuccessful attempt to clear the intersection.

The morning started at 8:30am with strike actions kicking off from three points around the perimeter of downtown. On 4th and Broadway, Oakland Occupy Patriarchy swarmed Child Protective Services who recently seized the children of an Occupy Oakland comrade citing her involvement with OO as an act of child endangerment. A massive police presence had already surrounded the building effectively shutting it down. The action continued on to the Alameda County Court House setting up a picket there.

On the other side of the downtown core, the anti-gentrification strike station was also met with dozens of riot police but managed to take the streets after hanging a banner off a nearby building. Workers at Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe, a recent trendy addition to the gentrifying Uptown corridor had attempted to walk off the job for May Day but were threatened with disciplinary action by their boss. The picket team stormed Rudy’s in solidarity and were surprised to find Phil Tagami, one of Oakland’s main corrupt capitalist developer insiders, eating breakfast at a table. Furious at the intrusion, Tagami shoved one of the strikers before the action spilled back onto the streets and made it’s way down Broadway where it set up pickets at other gentrifying businesses in the area.

At the third strike station in Snow Park, hundreds of anti capitalists gathered before marching on the Bank of America across the street. The bank locked it’s doors as the crowd banged on the windows and more comrades arrived. Moving on, the action shut down a Chase Bank and a Wells Fargo where a squad of riot police darted into the crowd tackling one demonstrator. The strikers surrounded the police with chants of ‘Let him go!’ and roared with cheers as the police were eventually forced to release the comrade and retreat. As the march headed down Franklin into downtown followed by riot police, a police ATV attempted to drive directly through the crowd and hit one demonstrator who dropped his bicycle. The ATV drove over the bicycle crushing it and was swarmed by the enraged crowd. It quickly fled leaving the crowd cheering and the bicycle mangled.

Eventually, these various strike actions converged on Broadway as hundreds more demonstrators trickled into downtown bringing the crowd to thousands. Music began blasting at the plaza on the corner of 14th and Broadway and many strikers took a break and grabbed free food and beverages provided by the OO May Day assembly. Another large crowd of hundreds marched back into the streets heading towards the major banking area on 20th but were prevented from reaching it by lines of riot police. The march turned around and as it reached the plaza, riot police snatch squads attacked the crowd. Mobile barricades and shields attempted to protect the crowd but there have been multiple brutal arrests. Police opened fire with flash bangs and a small amount of tear gas but were unable to clear the intersection.

The mood is tense but festive here as the mid day rally begins. Riot police have retreated on some streets near the plaza but are keeping a heavy presence on others. At 1pm another set of strike actions are set to kick off and the large Dignity and Resistance march will be making it’s way from Fruitvale BART in East Oakland at 3pm. Organizers have asked that everyone come help hold the plaza and the intersection of 14th and Broadway as well as converge back downtown at 6pm upon the arrival of the march.

Source: Strike May 1st

URGENT – Pre-May Day Police Raids in New York City

FASCISM Yes Its this obvous
This morning around 6:30am at least two houses were raided by NYPD detectives. In both cases, the cops used the pretext of spurious arrest warrants to gain access to apartments of local anarchists. The warrants were for individuals unconnected to those homes, but allowed cops access to one and apparently justified them forcibly breaking into another.After entering the apartments the police searched them, intimidated the residents, and ran their identification. In one of the instances, an anarchist organizer was taken into a separate room and interrogated by detectives about past actions and upcoming plans for May Day.It awaits to be seen if more houses were subject to raids this morning. Regardless, this ‘preemptive strike’ by the NYPD was clearly a coordinated effort to intimidate local organizers and fish for information.

This news comes on top of reports that over the past weeks hundreds of cops have been drilling on Randall’s Island in anticipation of May Day. Those in the NYC area should be aware of these pig tactics and take any necessary precautions in the hours leading up to tomorrow’s activities.

If there was any doubt how seriously the pigs are taking our efforts then those doubts can be put to bed. But if they think that intimidation and harassment can stop us, they have another thing coming.

Tomorrow they won’t be raiding innocent individuals in their beds, they will be up against tens of thousands of angry New Yorkers who have had enough of their bullshit.

May Day means no work. May Day means no shopping or housework. And May Day means revenge.

-Some Brooklyn Anarchists

Source: Anarchist news dot org

Since this story was posted Gawker reported that at least three homes were raided, which the New York chapter of the National Lawyers Guild says was a clear act of intimidation against dissent.

Gawker article

Originally posted on Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

Here is a link to the PP/POW every-other weekly update by the NYC-ABC:


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Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For May Is Now Available

May Birthdays screen shot

Hello Friends and Comrades,

Happy Mayday!

Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for May. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own.

This year, for Alvaro Hernandez’s birthday, he is requesting that people write letters to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and urge them to look into his case. You can find the information on how to do that here.

Jeremy Hammond is accused of the Lulz Sec hack of stratfor as well as hacks of well-known neo-nazi websites. The website is legit, and he can be written to at:

Jeremy Hammond 18729-424

Metropolitan Correctional Center

150 Park Row

New York, New York 10007

We have received word that one of the Strong 8, eight prisoners sentenced to I Con after going on strike in the kitchens at Central Prison in Raleigh NC, has asked for his address and name to be made public so as to receive letters of support, etc. Please write to him and let him know that word is spreading about their situation. His address is:

Chris McBride 0644099

Central Prison

1300 Western Blvd.

Raleigh, NC 27606

More information about the strong 8 go here.

Lastly, here is a link to the Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of War every-other week update by the NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots of good updates on many political prisoners.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,

The Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Bay Area Anarchist Black Cross ads an additional note:

Click here to download PDF for complete May Birthdays Of course this can never be entirely complete as all prisoners are political prisoners.


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